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[‼️] Youngjae & Jongup Birthday Project 2017 - "Adopt A Wildlife"

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[‼️] Youngjae & Jongup Birthday Project 2017 - “Adopt A Wildlife” 💚

Instead of buying expensive stuff that BAP can afford on their own, I prefer to do something good in the name of BAP to make a difference to this world, not only to humans but for animals too, especially endangered species.

Orang-utan and Borneo Elephant are both very precious endangered species that can be found in Malaysia right now, I wish to encourage babyz to join me in this good cause to help saving these animals in the name of BAP, this will be the best gift for Youngjae & Jongup.

No minimum donation is required. Every donation counts 🙏 Fund raised will go to WWF Malaysia as a symbolic adoption.

This project is open to babyz worldwide

For Malaysians who wish to donate, you may dm me for my bank details.

For non-Malaysians, you may donate via PayPal, I will only be accepting USD so please make sure you are sending in USD and please also absorb the PayPal fees from your side ❤️


Donation deadline: 5 Feb 2017, 11pm KST.

A donation/adoption certificate will be given to Youngjae & Jongup as their birthday gift.


Donation method :

Malaysian - transfer/cash deposit to Maybank.
DM daehyundamchu (ig)/ damchuismine (twitter) for bank account details.

Non-Malaysian - PayPal ONLY
PayPal account : sinnyi501@gmail.com
Please select “Send money to family and friends” to absorb PayPal fees.


NOTE :  No minimum donation is required. Please notify me via DM (Twitter/Instagram) the amount you have donated together with a proof of donation.

Hope many of you will join!


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A small drabble for my love, Admin Blossom on her birthday. I hope you like it!! 💖 💖 

Word Count: 472 (i’m in shock… I’ve never written anything under 2k)

Your eyes start to open when you feel the sunlight on your skin. You sit up and notice you’re alone in the king sized bed, the white sheets crumpled up.

“Good morning baby.” You hear the familiar deep voice ring through the room. You look over to see your boyfriend holding a tray with a full breakfast, coffee and a single rose to top it off, “Happy birthday!”

Your face lights up at the kind gesture, knowing how much he hated cooking (mainly because he wasn’t too great at it). You pull the sheets up, covering your still naked form, and move to sit back against the headboard. Yongguk walks over to you, and places the tray on your lap, taking a seat next to you.

“How are you feeling this morning, or should I say, this afternoon? Did I tire you out that much last night baby?” He smirks at you when you turn your head away, knowing that you were recalling last night’s events. You thought about the way his hips rocked into yours, and the way he bit on your neck as he pounded into you, the thoughts had you biting your lips as you turned back to meet his gaze.

“Don’t look at me like that baby or you won’t get to eat the breakfast I spent all morning making.” That had you turning your head quickly to the food in front of you, and you started eating.

“Thank you so much for the food Yongguk, it was delicious!” He removed the tray from your lap once you were done and kissed your cheek.

“Anything for my princess” he winked at you before setting the tray down on the nightstand. He looked back at you, and took in your lack of clothing. You were so beautiful to him; he loved the way your skin glowed when you woke up, the way your eyes sparkled, the way you just looked so effortlessly beautiful, and you were all his. “Do you want the other part of your present now?”

Curious, you nodded. Thinking he was going to pull a gift out from under the bed, you waited for him to give you something. Then you saw the look in his eyes, the look of mischief.

“I hope you’re not too sore baby, because I’m not going easy on you today.” His voice dropped even lower and the sound sent chills down your spine. “And I’m not going to stop until you’re absolutely begging me.”

He pulled you down the bed and rolled on top of you, grabbing your hands and pinning them above your head.

“What do you say?” He asked, a sharp tone to his voice and a wicked gleam in his eyes. You knew what this meant, and you’re glad you have the next day off.

“Yes Sir.”

- Admin Rogue


‘’The little boy who loved his grandfathers sweet beans wished to make sweat beans and the little boy who watched the news his grandfather loved watching was awakened to unreasonable issues in society. ‘’

People often call you an angel. I know you have flaws, just like we all do. You make mistakes, just like we all do. But, you’re still my angel. You’re my strenght and inspiration. But you’re also my biggest weakness. I love so many things about you. But let me just count some: standing up for your members and going trough the hardest moments in your life together, AS ONE. Being their biggest support, their role-model, their ‘father’. Being the most hardworking man i’ve ever met, without even thinking about yourself. Being a great producer who’s constantly trying to find a way to make better music, to explore everything about it and bring the best product to your fans. Being a great and thoughtful brother, son and grandson.  I want you to find yourself. I want you to ask for help when you need it, don’t carry your burden all by yourself. I want nothing but happiness for you. Eat more, laugh more, dance more.  Make lots of great music, be a great leader to your group and be the best idol for your fans.  I love you, my baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


#HappyYonggukDay (Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk and Bang Yongnam!)

I’ll be in Japan once this is up, so if the hashtag has changed, I apologize @@

But…IT’S YONGGUK’S BIRTHDAY!! (And Yongnam’s hehe) And without fail I keep on falling in love with this man everyday! I’m so proud to be stanning such a beautiful perfection of a man, who is not only down to earth, giving, and a role model to most of us, but he is also one of the most caring anf influential leader to BAP!! Through the tough times that they faced, they still stand by as a whole, still as 6. If it wasn’t for a leader like Yongguk (and of course each member’s individuality too!), we wouldn’t have such a group, with such a bond!

Anyways, if you guys have known me long enough, you would’ve known by now that I love this man with all my heart, and he is perfection to me in every single way~ :) Happy Birthday to the Bang Twinsss~~

(I’m kinda in a rush maybe that’s why I just typed whatever I can @@ sorry~)

I hope you guys like it and Smiles to you all~^^


well HELLO hottie

#ForeverwithMoon Happy birthday sweetheart, I hope you have a lovely day. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I hope you laugh lots today. Thank you for all the work you’ve put in for us; thanks for making us so happy ❤

@ZELO96: 감사합니다 모두 

정말 다 가진 거 같이 행복하네요😄

Thank you everyone
I’m really happy as if I have everything 😄

Picture trans:

Yongguk: Junhong-ah(,) happy birthday. It’s nice seeing you being concerned and anguished(.) You should live listening to nice words well and always accepting bad words positively too(.) You will become a better artist(.) Let’s become an artist that pays attention to criticisms rather than nice words(.) I should be a better role model but I’m not so I’m always sorry(,) but you’re still the best to me(.) Let’s become a cooler adult(,) fighting

Zelo: Thank you hyung✌🏻

trans cr by transforbap ; take out with full credit


So Yongguk’s birthday is at the end of next month, and all of us Babyz know that he works him self so hard to make all of the fans happy. And because of this he overworks himself.
So let’s show Bang just how much we love and appreciate him by getting the MV for SKYDIVE to 10 Million + views!!
I’m also an ARMY, and we were able to get Spring Day to that amount of views before 24 hours had passed. So I know we can do the same for Skydive. All you have to do is open up a new tab with the video playing on your computer, right click and hit loop.
Reblog this pic/post and spread the word!!! Let’s show Yongguk how much we love and appreciate him and all the hard work he does. ❤



Welp, though I was WAY WAY late…I have to do this birthday fanart for Junhong, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to our baby Zelo~

I’m still busy with my uni life, final semester = piles of assignments and projects it seems…I only had spare time for awhile and I used it to draw this for our Junhongie, WORTH IT :3

Anyways, Junhong ah…like how I drew at above, I mean it, you’re still a baby to me eventhough you’re all grown up *sniffs* I’m so proud of you and I can’t wait to see grown up Zelo coming back with the other members…


Happy Birthday Yongguk!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to our adorable,




camera shy and easily embarassed,


leader of BAP,

that is Bang Yongguk. 

You’re a wonderful person and an amazing leader. Thank you for taking such good care of the other members, thank you for being you, and for not being afraid to be yourself. You will always have my love and respect. The world needs more people like you. 사랑해요. Happy Birthday. I truly hope all your dreams come true.


(pics and gifs not mine, credit to their owners, i just found them thru google image search)