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G dragon smut #4 “New tattoo”

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“What is this?” Ji yong says as his fingers touched your skin. He was referring to your tattoo “What? Oh, is nothing” you said trying to avoid the question. Your lips reach his but he isn’t interested anymore. “What’s wrong?” you said with an awkward smile on your face.

He sits on the edge of the bed, you tried to kiss him again, softer this time. He kiss you back this time but quickly stops. “What’s wrong with you?” you said, standing up. His grip, doesn’t allow you to move anymore “You have his name tattooed!” he seems frustrated.

You and Ji yong have a special relationship, you’re not dating or anything like that. You “help” each other. That’s it, there’s no feelings involved…in fact you have a boyfriend and he knows about it.

You met in a bar a few months ago, you were sad because you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you. You get drunk and the next thing you know is that you were at Ji yong’s bed.

“Yeah! I just got it a week ago!” you didn’t understand why he was acting like that. He let you go.

He rubs his face harshly. “I thought we were clear about…this” you pointed out at yourself and then at his, with a fast move. Making emphasis to the last word. “I guess not” you continued…

He is not looking at you, not at all. His eyes kept watching the floor. “I’ve been honest with you” you said… “I love him…I can’t help it”

“Don’t say that!” he yells “Ji…” you stopped talking when he stood up. Ji yong pushes you up against the wall “What am I to you? Just your fucking toy?!” you were speechless…

J: He cheated on you!

Y/N: That was a long time ago…

J: You’re pathetic!

*You’re angry now. You pushed him but he didn’t even move a bit.

Y/N: Get outta my way right now!

J: Or what? He is going to come?

*He pressed his body on yours.

Y/N: …

J: That’s fine with me…should we call him?

Y/N: Stop this…

J: Yeah! I’m going to call him “Hey! dude you don’t know me but I’ve been fucking your girl for the past fo…”

*Before he can finish the sentence, you gave him a slap.

Y/N: Fuck you! I don’t wanna see you again…

He was frozen. His cheek is turning red and tears are coming out of his eyes. You’re not sure if those tears were because he was in pain or if it was because he was so angry. You put on your shirt, doing it as quickly as possible.

J: Where the hell do you think you’re going?!

Y/N: Away from you!

*You heard the door closing, just after that, you heard the door’s lock.

J: You’re not going anywhere…we aren’t finished this yet

*Ji yong was standing at the bedroom’s door.

Y/N: You better let me leave!

J: We need to talk

Y/N: No we don’t

J: Y/N…

Y/N: You made yourself clear…

J: …

Y/N: And yeah! Indeed he cheated on me… but I love him. Nothing and no one, especially someone like you, is ever going to change that. He made a mistake but that girl doesn’t mean nothing to him. And you wanna know how I know that? Because YOU don’t mean NOTHING to me…just like you said before, you were just a toy to me…

* You vomit all this words without even thinking about it. You felt hurt so you wanna hurt him too.

Ji yong walks towards you, crashing his lips to yours. You were so shocked, you didn’t even have time to process what was going on. He pushes both of you into the bed getting on top of you “Let…me…go” you tried to say but his lips pressing yours, made it almost impossible. Suddenly he breaks the kiss “Who do you think you are?” he whispered sharply. Pulling back from the kiss, he gave you kisses along your jawline and down to your neck “You like it when he treats you like shit? Huh?!” he says biting down your neck “I can do it too…” his hands roamed underneath your shirt, reaching for your bra. “No! Let me go!” you moved your whole body trying to release from him.

In response, he pulls your shirt over your head using it to tie your wrists above your head. “No, no!” you started to scream. His hand covered your mouth “I’m warning you…keep quiet or you’re gonna regret it” he pressed himself into you. You can feel how hard he was already for you. “If you make a sound again I’ll have to fuck that pretty little mouth” he unhooked your bra playing with your breasts, squeezing them harshly.

“I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll forget about him" he whispered staring at you. Ji yong crashed his lips to yours again in a deep kiss. You can felt his fingers unzipped your jeans pulling down the zipper. Now his hand is touching your underwear and lightly you can felt how his finger goes deep into you. “Does he ever make you feel like this?” he moved his finger in and out of you in a fast pace which didn´t last long before he entered another finger inside you, going a bit slower but deeper.

A moan leaves your mouth, against your will and he smiled “This is just the beginning, and you’re already moaning!” he said with a sarcastic smile “By the end of the night, you’re going to be screaming my name” biting his lip and making his moves even faster. Which made you let out a loud moan and arch your back. But you couldn’t reach your orgasm because his movements immediately stopped and he pulled his fingers out of you.

He was pulling down your pants and underwear, while his tongue licks your breast. “So sweet!” he says to himself. He undid his jeans and pulled them down…

You recovered your senses for a moment, trying to break free. But was useless he caught what you were about to do “Mmm….I thought we were having fun!” he tightening the knot even more “Stop doing stupid things and spread your legs” he said as licks your lips giving you a little kiss. You didn’t obeyed so he placed his hands on each of your knees spreading your legs in a fast move, hurting you. “Ouch that hurt!” you complained “Shhh… I don’t want to hear you, unless you’re moaning my name”. He was so damn hot when he was mad.

Ji yong lifts your hips up and put himself up against your entrance “Fuck!” he groaned slowly pushing in all the way, a moan escaped your mouths at the same time. “I want you to be mine…only mine!” he says as he looked down at you. He pulled out all the way before slamming back into you, harder and faster, hitting your g spot with every thrust. “Oh!…” you screamed out. He released your wrists and you wrapped your arms around his neck moaning in his ear.

“I’m the only one who can make you feel like this. You’re mine Y/N!!! Do you understand?” He kissed your lips, and you kiss him back sticking your tongue inside his mouth.

Soon you felt your orgasm coming again, you can barely breath your chest is about to explode. After a few more thrusts you came. “Ji…” a loud moan of his name came outta your mouth. But he didn’t stop, he continued thrusting roughly, until he reach his orgasm. 

He collapsed beside you, outta breath…“I know someone that can remove that tattoo…” Ji yong says.

G-dragon and the misconceptions of his “arrogance”

GD is infamously known for his somewhat “arrogant” behaviors by K-netizens and just generally all kpop fans around the world.


Because of some of the lyrics in his music makes him seem like he’s arrogant- like he’s the best- and people take that as insults to all their favorite idols and view him in negative light.

However, people don’t realize that those are just lyrics- rappers like to boast about themselves like this because that is what rap is. Rapping allows people to express themselves while using rhythm and rhyme as well as compete with others to see who can move the crowd the best. That’s why Emcees diss each other so much- they want to make others feel smaller.

Example of dissing opponent: “You walk around showin off your body cause it sells plus to avoid the fact that you ain’t got skills mad at me cause I kick that shit real ni*** as feel while 99% of your fans wear high heels” -Cannibus 

Example of dissing public: (translated) “When I appear on the television 
Even if I’m dead beat I won’t show it
Different swagger from the top to toe
This is my style I depend on much

Because of the pretties lined up today 
All looking only at me, what’s love
Stop and do not fight, come come slowly right now
” -Gdragon

Of course G dragon is no where close to being the best Korean Rapper the world has ever seen- In fact,Big Bang is not a hip hop group. They simply experiment with different genres of music

But even so I would place him decently high up for a mainstream rapper.

His lyrics are what gets to me the most;

 “Yes hyung, yes noona (whats wrong with you?)
Ah, I’m just bored (hello?)
Yes hyung, yes noona, (what’s wrong with you?)
I’m sorry that I’m so popular…
Someone try to hold me back, I’m ranked number one…Yes sir, I’m one of a kind
 I’m an annoying snob”

   - One of a Kind, GDragon

 This song in particular got a lot of critics spewing bad things about him, giving him a bad image. However, it’s quite ironic because these lyrics are actually about how the media and critics portrays him- as an asshole, an arrogant “idol”.

This song also touches upon the fact that it took hard work to get to where he is but people only tend to look at him in negative light because he’s young and successful.

For me, I give him credit for being fearless- not many people in the industry have guts to write lyrics like he does. In america, we are so used to these kinds of rap lyrics that it doesn’t even bother us- however, I think it’s much different for Korea’s kpop fans- most being young people.

The reason why the kpop industry gets a lot of hate for dissing people in their music is because people get oversensitive. 


 What’s wrong with having confidence? Does having that confidence make him arrogant or ignorant? No.

His lyrics have a lot more meaning than what appears on the surface. In fact, many people (even Korean people) catch what his lyrics mean because they don’t listen to the full song and only pick up what sounds arrogant to them.

G dragon respects a lot of people in the industry- regardless of when they’ve debuted- is what makes him an even more respectful person.

Let’s stop the hate in the Korean music fandom. They aren’t going to progress if you get offended by their every lyric.


Dear anon,

Funny story, I wrote this last night on the memo app on my phone…and the app crashed so I lost the original…I hate technology. Anyway, hope you enjoy this!

In which your boyfriend tries to be funny.

B.A.P. Yongguk (feat. Bang Yongnam)

535 words (holy shit…it’s under 1000)

He wasn’t your Bang Yongguk. He wasn’t your rowdy Tigger. He wasn’t your Shishimato.

He stood before you in his clothes, wearing a long, thick scarf around his neck, hiding his face. He looked just like him, down to the worn, black boots. The squint in his eyes told you he was smiling, the scarf hiding dimples that shouldn’t be there.

He might look like Yongguk, but he was nothing like him. His aura was different, a bit more serious, a little more mature, a little less intimidating. Your arms didn’t yearn to embrace him. Your eyes met his easily, without timidity or reservation. You were at ease, closing in on indifference.

Bang Yongnam might be his identical twin, but he wasn’t Bang Yongguk.

You couldn’t believe that Yongguk had actually gone through with such a stupid prank. You couldn’t believe Yongnam had agreed to it. It irritated you that he would think such a stupid trick would work on you.

Knowing that Yongguk was surely somewhere nearby, you threw your arms around Yongnam. “I missed you!”

“I missed you, too.”

There it was, another difference. Yongguk never told you that he’d missed you. He was always a mess of blushes and smiles whenever you said things like that. He simply broke into your favorite smile, coughing to try and hide his embarrassment then changed the subject as he gave your hand a tight squeeze.

Pulling down on the scarf, you looked into his eyes. “Kiss me.”

Yongnam froze. You smiled, pulling him down by the lapels of his jacket. His eyes became nervous.

“No! Stop!”

Yongguk appeared out of nowhere, tackling his brother. They crashed into the snow, destroying its once unperturbed surface. Yongnam, with half the wind knocked out of him, wrestled with Yongguk, swearing that he wouldn’t have kissed you.

You stood with your hands on your hips.

“Bang. Yong. Guk. Bang. Yong. Nam.”

Their scuffle died, their movements freezing halfway through. They both turned to you, their identical eyes reflecting identical fear.

You reached for their ears, pinching, pulling them both up hard. Even their complaints rang identical.

“Ow, ow! _____, I’m sorry! I just wanted to introduce you to my brother,” Yongguk pleaded.

“It was his idea. I told him it was stupid,” Yongnam pushed the blame.

“What do you two have to say for yourselves?”

They bowed deeply. “We are very sorry!”

“Good. Let’s not repeat this again. Okay?”

Yongguk hugged you, pulling you away from his brother. “You could tell?”

“Of course I could tell. Yongnam is Yongnam and Yongguk is Yongguk. Keep it that way.”

Yongnam smiled at you, his cute dimples brightening his face. He offered you his hand. “Bang Yongnam. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

You shook his hand, loving how Yongguk buried you deeper into his arms as you did. “_____. The pleasure is all mine. Now let’s go get some hot chocolate. Yongguk’s treat.”


“You’re the one that came up with this stupid prank. You’re paying.”

He couldn’t argue with you after that, though he did hold you tighter, kept you closer, and loved you fiercer after that.

-Admin Lockette

anonymous asked:

Do you have any songs similar to just one day by bts? Songs that have a soft melody and vocals and a soft yet deep sounding rap (does that makes sense lol)

Hey there!

You might like these:

  1. Swings - Fallin’ (feat. Jay Park)
  2. Giriboy - I Will Take Care of You
  3. Tablo - Tomorrow (feat. Taeyang)
  4. Yong Junhyung - Flower
  5. Dok2 - Best Time (In Our Life)
  6. Gaeko - Rose
  7. Epik High - Amor Fati (feat. Kim Jong Wan)

Hope you enjoy!

- Devi :)