Red Ribbons of Fate

Art by me, @hansaera-art and Colouring by @queenofherkingdom .

A full blown, coloured art for my followers! As an appreciation and also an accomplishment to me for reaching a milestone for this humble blog of mine. Thank you so much for following me, for complimenting my art and thus inspires me to Keep. On. Drawing!

Okay, I’m going to share something regarding this art. Please continue to read under the cut if you want to delve deeper into the meaning of this artwork. It’s quite long, but I assure you, if you understood the reason behind this artwork, you’ll feel the artwork itself!

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It’s the 1165th day I’ve been locked up in this glass room.
For the first year I prayed that I’d grant the wish of whoever could wake me up, whatever it was.
For the next year I prayed that I’d grant the wish of whoever would let me die so I could end this pain.
And after three year, if I can ever wake up, I have decided to kill everyone who locked me in here. And everyone who is on their side.