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Yongsun ssi being supportive of her bae ❤

i’m so happy that there’s so many people supporting highlight. i really appreciate all the idols that are also supporting them like gayoon, jiyoon, woohyun, knk etc. this is a new start and a scary journey and having all the support means so much! thank you so much!

“Mum, dad, thank you.”

Remember when they didn’t allow her to be a singer? Remember when they said they’re gonna give her one last chance, and if she still failed the audition, they’re not letting her go on anymore auditions? Now here they are, her parents, in her mv, watching their daughter grow as a singer. Thank you Yong parents for giving Yongsun one more chance. Thank you RBW for accepting her in. Thank you Yongsun for persevering on☀️️

3 Billion Dollars [Part 4] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

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Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t go exactly the way he hoped.

Genre: I honestly don’t know for this chapter. Fluff maybe a little angsty

Warning: Swearing, mentions of violence, mentions of nasty, unholy things

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5}

A/N: AGAIN ANOTHER FILLER CHAPTER. I’m sorry, things get better in the next one I promise. And by that I mean things kinda get more dramatic and more angsty so YAY FEELING SAD! Honestly, angst is one of my favorite things to read and write that might say something about my personality.

P.S.: Dedicated to @rickyhorrorsbabygirl Message me if you want a shout out. Requests are ALWAYS open. 

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Ji Yong stared at you from his side of the car, questioning why the hell Youngbae chose to sit in the middle. He understood why you would choose to sit farther away from him. That didn’t mean he liked or agreed with your stupid ass decision. For now, all he could do is sit in the silence and watch from afar as tears formed in your eyes. He couldn’t stop staring at you. You had definitely changed from college. You seemed to radiate maturity and confidence. He noticed it as soon as you stepped into the kitchen. He both loved and hated how he was the first thing you saw. It brought Ji Yong some joy that he was the person that caught your eye first. Although he knew that he’d have to explain himself. Why he was there. Why he didn’t tell her before. Also why he had to shoot your family. He knew that you weren’t ready for that, the tears fresh on your face proved it.

Ji Yong’s thoughts were stolen when his phone rang in his pocket. It’s quick little text tone piercing the silence drawing everyone’s attention. You continued to stare out the window, your own private thoughts consuming you. He looked at his lit up phone, the texting shining directly in his face. His eyes stung a little, adjusting from the dark lighting to the blinding light of the phone.

What should we bring over boss?” Ji Yong looked at you for a minute, thinking things over quickly. He quickly replied, his slender fingers typing quickly on his phone. “There should be a blue fuzzy blanket underneath her bed sheets and a stuffed dog with a blue ribbon on the left side of her bed. All her clothes should be in the closet. NEATLY PUT THEM IN HER SUITCASE, also in the closet. Bring her speaker and her phone, both are probably by her bed. If not they’re on the bed. Understand? Also bring Miss. Cupcake.”

What the fuck is Miss. Cupcake?” Ji Yong slightly tensed up. Youngbae looked over his shoulder, quickly scanning over his texts. He snorted, holding in his laughter. Ji Yong looked up at him, giving him a stern look. Youngbae’s smile was wide, the only thing stopping him from laughing. “It’s a pink stuffed unicorn. Handle it with care.

Youngbae lets a laugh slip his mouth. You turned to see what was so funny. You looked at how wide his smile was. Your eyes slowly left Youngbae, meeting Ji Yong’s eyes. They were emotionless, but they were softer than what they were a few minutes ago.  You looked away, returning to your position by the window.

After a while of driving the car finally stopped. The car door swung open, almost causing you to fall, if it wasn’t for Youngbae. He held you up, only for someone to grab you and pull you out of the car. He held your arm tightly, restricting your movement. Mr. Kwon smiled at you. His gesture looked kind, but you felt anything but kindness. You looked away from him and stared at the ground. Youngbae stepped out of the car, followed by Ji Yong walking around the trunk. He eyed the man with the tight grip on your arm. The man stepped back, letting go of your arm. Seunghyun was the last person to leave the car. He tossed the keys to a boy, eyeing the teenager before letting him take the car away.

“You’ve been here before Princess.” Mr. Kwon said. His smiled dropped as he stared at you dead in the eyes. “So drop the long face.”

“Let’s get going. Taeyang shows her to her room please.” Mr. Kwon said. He nodded his head and place his hand on the small of your back. He leads you inside the familiar building. The big wide wooden doors opened up for you by a bystander. Barking could be heard, along with the pitter patter of feet running. You were pushed down by a big dog, his weight holding you down.

“Gaho!” You screamed. He licked your face and you chuckled lightly. You lightly pushed him off of you, only for him to sit back down on you. You laughed lightly, your sour mood being put on hold.

“Gaho, off now.” Ji Yong’s strong voice rang out. Your laughter stopped as Gaho left your lap. You sat up and wiped your face from any dog spit. You pet his Gaho’s head, letting your hand fall and scratch gently behind his ear. “(Y/N) go follow Youngbae. Now.”

You turned to look at Ji Yong. You sent him a small glare for his harsh tone, before getting up and following Youngbae. Gaho got up and happily followed your heels. Youngbae leads you through the halls. You had been here before. You’ve already seen some of the expensive things the Kwon’s own. You’ve already met Gaho and Ji Yong’s favorite cat. There were some spots of the house Ji Yong never let you see. You started to understand why. Women without tops and barely any bottoms, straddled men on couches as they ground their hips into each other.

You looked away embarrassed. Youngbae seemed to notice. He drew his attention to them. He whistled and they all looked up at him. Youngbae gave them a stern look, but only some of them moved. He raised his eyebrow before pulling his gun from his holster. They scrambled up and left the house in a rush. Some of the girls tried to cover their boobs with their arms. Youngbae pushed you a little more, trying to get you to avoid the scene. You followed him until you heard gunshots from outside. Gaho growled and stood closer to you. He looked around, watching carefully at people who passed by unfazed of what just happened. Your eyes were wide as you stared at the door. Faint yelling could be heard from outside followed by the sound of more gunshots.

“Come on.” Youngbae said. You looked at him, still nervous and on edge. He sighed and put his hand on your back, lightly pushing you in the right direction. “How can you just act like that didn’t happen?”

“We grew up with it Sunshine.” His words shut you up. Another wave of thoughts washed over your mind. He continued to lead you towards your room, the vaguely familiar halls all seeming too expensive. Gaho stayed by your side, growling at people who eyed you. You’d lightly pat or rub his head every time, calming him down.

The rest of the way to your new room was quiet other than the occasional growl from Gaho. Youngbae led you up a flight of stairs and down another hallway before taking a right. You were beginning to think that he was lost. The closer you got to your room the quieter the house got. It was a little odd, but nice. It also kinda scared the living shit out of you. Your nerves were still on edge from what happened earlier, the scene not being able to leave your eyes. You abruptly came to a stop. Youngbae was standing in front a cream colored door. Matching the trim of the deep colored walls. You looked at him nervously, but he just shrugged.

“Ji Yong is bringing your stuff in a moment. There’s stuff in there if you wanna take a shower.” You stepped in, looking behind you to see Gaho stopping at the door. Not moving. “Don’t worry Sunshine. Everything will be fine. He’ll be here in a moment.”