yong qi

Baby, It’s Cold Outside||Grang

The second Shang walked through the door, Grace was shoving him towards the shower. Telling him to hurry up and get clean to help her start decorating his place. When she picked out all these things for him, she had no idea she’d be the special someone to help him set everything up. Grace wouldn’t even accept a welcome home kiss , just a lot of shoving towards the shower and Yong Qi nipping at his heels to help her out. 

While he showered she got everything out and unpackaged. She grinned to herself as she started to play some Christmas music and lit a few festive candles around the place. It would look, smell, and sound like Christmas in here if it was the last thing she did. Setting her hands on her hips she grinned at everything as she stood on the couch cushion to get a better view. Out of the corner of her eyes she watched Yong Qi grab the corner to the skit that went under the tree and give a good tug. Flopping the material over his head. “Yong Qi! No!” She squealed as she started to take off after him as he ran towards the room. “Shang! Help!” You’d think someone was trying to kill her as she yelled for help chasing Yong Qi around. 

Just Cuddles || Grang


The door unlocked and Shang pushed the door open. The whole way from the shop where he saw Grace to his flat buzzed with his emotions. He was excited to be able to hold her the way they used to when she would spend nights at his place but he was nervous having her back there. He was even more nervous about the questions she might ask once she got there. 

However, Yong Qi bounced around the kitchen, doing flips as he stopped to look back and forth between the two, Grace and Shang. It certainly lightened up the mood for him. He looked down at Grace and shrugged. “He missed you, apparently.”

Happy birthday to Xiao Yan Zi (小燕子) and Zi Wei (紫薇)!

I’ve always wondered, did Benji’s teacher put extra flour on top of the cake on purpose? Did icing not exist back then?

Runaway Dog, Rainy Nights || Grace & Shang

The thunder clapped and the lightning lit up the small flat above the trinket shot in Hogsmeade. Shang and Yong Qi were tucked snuggly away in bed as the rain beat down on the roof. “Sounds like a brutal one, huh?” Shang scratched his dog’s head, tossing his ears back and forth. 

A loud crash came from behind the shop causing the two, Shang and Yong Qi, to jump up. Yong Qi took off to the door and pawed at it. “I will go investigate,” Shang grumbled, pulling on a pair of pants and stuffing his feet lazily into a pair of sneakers. 

“Yong Qi!” As Shang opened the door, the dog snaked out. “Get back in here.” Then the dog used his nose to nudge the other door at the bottom of the staircase open. “Yong Qi!” Shang’s voice boomed at his dog bolted out the door and into the rain.