The Real Guardians of the Galaxy: Season 1, Episode 4 - Oh Captain

Peter gets caught trying to steal the map to some ancient treasure from Yondu and the Ravagers and gets locked up for his efforts. When the crew loses contact with Yondu as he’s out retrieving the supposed riches, Peter uses their worry and his wits to try and make it out of this hairy situation unscathed…and maybe a little richer?

I’ve been watching The Real Ghostbusters and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I liked the look of old 80s cartoons that were animated in Japan lol. So have some dumb shit. 

You know what I want? As we’ve established that humans are a race of terrifying omnivores - eaters of chillies and coffee and chocolate - I want Earth alcohol to kick space alcohol’s butt. 

Like I want aliens to be up there going like Winky on buttobeer. Sipping on their malt wine and fermented grains/berries. And sure, they may have great tolerance for that stuff, maybe it just gets them lightly buzzed and then they come down to earth. 

And at first they find it very amusing. Earthlings, getting drunk off downing a couple of very teeny glasses of some clear liquid.  Then one of them makes the mistake of trying vodka. and it knocks them the fuck out. Like waking up in your bathroom with a new tattoo and feather boa on kind of knocked out. And after that humans become much more terrifying. 

“They make alcohol out of everything”, one alien whispers to his stunned friends, “and then,” He pauses to create a suitable air of horror “They mix them together.”