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Nick Fury + children

nick rarely has any interactions with children. the few he does have are usually playful but brief because they’re cut off by irritated parents dragging their children away.

the only prolonged contact he’s had with kids were when when clint and natasha were brought in. all right, that’s not entirely true. they were both well past the ‘kid’ stage by that point, but drifting, damaged, slightly lost teenagers desperate for some kind of safety and guidance pretty much count when you’re forty-something and seeing just how broken they are up-close and personal. 

saying that he adopted them emotionally, if not legally, wouldn’t be much of a stretch, and he can admit feeling particularly protective when it comes to strike team delta. which is ridiculous considering, out of all of his operatives, they’re some of the most likely to be able to take care of themselves. and while most of the rest of the agency doesn’t recognize that he feels like way, he has endured plenty of teasing from coulson, may, and hand about his attachment especially when clint’s feeling like a particular dumbass and decides to do the 'buuuuuut daaaaaaad’ whine to fury.

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Can you expand further on your headcanon of Kirk possibly being trans*? I am very interested in that since people mostly focus on his sexuality rather than his gender.

Ohhh man, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about absent-mindedly from time to time, and of course I’m not an expert on trans issues at all so I don’t think I’d ever presume myself capable of writing it. It’s not really a permanent headcanon of mine either, more an idea I occasionally think about but don’t entirely accept as irrefutably canon. 

But well, we don’t have solid, irrefutable proof that TOS Kirk at least is cis (admittedly the birth scene in AOS does rather preclude the possibility of AOS Kirk being dfab). I mean, obviously he’s played by a cis male actor, he physically “passes” as a cis male (gross wording?) (i.e. he has a physique identical to that of a cis man and is presumed to have a penis), and he does have a biological child (David). But I don’t think these details necessarily would prevent him being dfab and post-transition - after all, TOS is set in the 23rd century and at a time in which medicine has advanced to the stage that a renal failure patient can take a pill and grow a new kidney. So I guess it’s plausible in the context of the Star Trek universe that trans individuals could be provided with reproductive capabilities as part of transitioning (rendering them effectively indistinguishable, physically/biologically, from cis individuals). Or not. Perhaps Carol Marcus was trans too and she and Kirk met when they were both pre-op. Or perhaps these details would be ignored or omitted in an AU in which Kirk was trans.

And idk, I guess I just find trans!Jim a very interesting idea in terms of how it would affect the character’s actions and attitudes, or at least how we interpret them; and like I said, if we don’t have concrete proof that he’s cis, why not? And I just think that portraying firstly such an iconic and beloved character, but also one who is in many ways an archetypal hero or ideal masculine figure as a trans man could be very powerful and poignant, even subversive (although I use this word very, very tentatively - obviously fan interpretations and shipping are not, have never been and will never be activism in any shape or form). But yeah, like I said, I don’t think ever write it because the impression I’ve got of trans headcanons is that they can end up being really problematically handled by cis authors who have no idea what they’re talking about, and, well, I don’t know if it’s really my place to write about experiences I’ve never had and probably will never have. (And of course if I’ve said anything transphobic/cissexist etc in this post please please please tell me - I’m still a bit clueless and welcome any opportunity to learn and improve or correct my behaviour).

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If you were a villain, you would be the morally grey (or appear to be) one, where on one hand, you cause trouble for others--the better off--but sometimes you help the hero just because it's fun to confuse them on where you stand. The lowkey, behind the scenes villain. Almost Catwoman like is the feeling I'm getting.

yesss, this. i greatly approve of this. five stars.