yonas naïm

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Imagine though–Hak being insecure once Yona affirms she wants to be with him, because in the end she’s still a freaking princess and she’s Yona and he’s Hak, and never in his dreams did he think this would happen. One day he ruefully asks her, "Will you take me even if I have nothing to my name anymore? I lost my title, and I have no money, nothing.“  

She looks at him for a moment, pushing her tongue into her cheek, then walks over, placing her open palms on his chest, as she starts running them up and down, smoothing and resmoothing the fabric.

"You know, one of my ancestors, King Ha-neul, lost both of his arms after a battle. He was devastated.” she says and she slides her hands around his waist, relishing the warmth that radiates from him, “And one day, while his wife was helping him wash up, he asked her, ‘Will you still love me even with my arms gone?” Yona looks up at him, and finds his mouth slightly parted and his eyes questioning where she was going with this.

She flushes but sends him a quick smile as she brings her wandering fingers up to his shoulders, “She told him, 'Were those arms the only thing I love about you?’” She blinks when he keeps silent, suddenly becoming self-conscious.

“Besides,” she sniffs loudly, “I don’t have any title, money, or anything to my name either.” She presses her lips together and draws her eyebrows together. “I’m told I’m bold, reckless, and that I have no sense of self-preservation.” He laughs and mutters a ‘that’s true’ as her eyes rush up to meet his, always trying to savour every one of those laughs. “I can’t cook to save my live, and I’m irrationally jealous at the fact that there are probably far more women out there that can take care of you better than I can, but I’m too selfish to even think about letting you go.” She smiles then, her eyes glancing at his lips before they met his again. “Despite that, will you still take me as I am?”

He kisses her then, as one of his hands cradle her head while the other pulls her impossibly closer to him. His lips are dry so she slides her tongue over them as he opens his mouth to let it in. He bites her lip gently and she moans as she reciprocates the action. After a moment they run out of oxygen and draw back to breathe heavily, the cool air harsh on their heated bodies. She’s the first to smile and he cups her cheeks as she leans into it.

His voice is raspy, but there’s something undeniably soft in it when he says, “I wouldn’t want to have you any other way.”


[❋] - “I already have a problem with strays stowing away onto my ship. I don’t need the kid bringing them and think they can stay.”