This may be the greatest show picture I’ve ever taken. Lavender Town had their 1 year anniversary and the show was BOMBASTIC. This is Sean of Mumblr. It was literally so hot and humid the microphones finally gave out. Mumblr stepped up and killed it anyway ( there were only 3 songs left in their outrageous set) . It ended in an orgy of guitar, bass and drum riffege that only people in tune with each other could put out and it sound that incredible. Absolute perfection.

Last night in philly was such a beautiful experience! I feel I can engage with people a lot easier in an acoustic setting, and everyone was on that same level last night. Looking forward to combing back at the end of the month (2/28) with @yomumblr! All tour dates on our FB page and Hodera.net // 📷 by Savan Sekhin


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