Nice quest. 7.8/10 too much cave.
It also has the interesting habit of saying lines in overhead chat and in your chatbox. Is it because it’s from classic? who knows.
(P.S all the pictures are captioned if anyone’s interested lol)

i wan b soft n stuffed with fluff , with puffy bear stuffies in a cream colored nursery, honey flavored lip balm, winnie the pooh on tv, a breeze blowing through the window , th sun warm on my skin, with a field of flowers just behind the house, a warm house with pancakes cooking on a skillet in the shape of mickey mouse with a soft syrup drizzle, a soft yellow paci, and a pure heart ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ

dragonheadskilax  asked:

Candy corn!

🎃Candy Corn: What is your favorite kind of candy?
oddly enough one of them is candy corn! its? yommy…… but i also love those caramel apple lollipops even if those r … very sharp. also those chocolate eyeballs with the caramel or peanut butter on the  inside YOMMY and aalso those stale gross gummies in the shape of human body parts that u buy at dollarama. those r…nast but nostalgia makes em yommy……..