All these Monsters University trailers made me rewatch Monsters Inc and I found my love for Randall back. I just always tend to like the bad guys plus Randall is all lizard-like and I realized I friggin love lizard characters. His design is amazing and I just HAD to draw him. Q w Q

I regret nothing. UwU

Oh yeah, I wanted him to say something but I didn’t know excatly what. I took a look at his face and that one line came to my mind. XXD

I’d like to think Miyuki had something to do with making these two idiots invaders. Like, in her eyes, although Zim messes everything up he does, he still could become a good invader with some discipline training perhaps. She thinks his love for destruction could come in handy. Skoodge could be a good one if he was a bit more confident.

Canon-like speaking it wouldn’t be possible because as soon as Miyuki got to know Zim, she got killed. But hey. x’D;;

So I actually told myself to properly color some of these, but my hand started to hurt as soon as I started drawing on my tablet. :I Plus I’m lazy.
So I just used the sketch as lineart and did a quick flatcolor.

I’ll be properly linearting and coloring something in this style soon, I promise. :‘U

I’m at home again, had a great time at Doodlett’s and we doodled a lot of Invader Zim stuff. Here’s a doodledump of doodles drawn by me. She forced me to draw Zadr so .. there you go. XD We doodled some more and for that you need to visit her deviantart account. X

Might be coloring one of these zadr doodles ….. Mmhh .. Not sure.