i n s p o p o s t

Gimme someone epic to follow! Show me your favorite artists.

To be the first who gives something, also to let you know my tastes and simply make a signal boost for A class artists, I’ll try making a smol pick from my “following” list:

@nargyle @sakikoxsakiko  @amiamid @andatsea @seventypercentethanol  @redbeanviolin @k-szk @ovopack @yomieeee  @cottonbun @sketchchump  @pascalcampion @loish  @poolsofchrome @ducksofrubber  @krbk1 @cyberkolbasa  @anna-cattish

I think I chose my biggest influences as of the late >////< If someone gets a notification bc I tagged them, please remember that you’re awesome, keep drawing! \o/

Now share your fav artists with me :3c



These are some old drawings I made for friends. I made a lot of overseas friends on Twitter, from Korea and Japan and have been practicing Korean and learning Japanese. This is probably a big part of why I haven’t had as much time to myself (to do comics cough). I also got another part time job, but yeah ahah. The important thing is, I’m happy and still drawing!! Yay!!!!

i saw this after long hiatus


200+ followers!? thank you guys!

then i saw someone i know following me, and…

yomieeee-senpai!! or should i call her yomieeee-seonbae instead eheh, you should check her owsum gallery, i love her art X3