Yes, the Fairy Tail rewrite is still absolutely going to happen. Obviously, it’ll take a lot of time and planning - so I’m asking for your help.

1. Mashima-sensei likes to shove Jellal in a lot of arcs when he has no reason to be there. Since I’m already changing nearly everything about Jellal anyway, should I go ahead and make him a main character?

2. I still can’t think of a reason for Zeref to have a kingdom. Should I give Alvarez a new ruler, and if so, who should I connected him/her/them to (not Natsu, because not everything has to be connected to Natsu ffs)? If I do make Jellal a main character, it would make sense for the Alvarez arc to add on to his backstory, since most of what we know is part of Erza’s.

3. In canon, Lyon had absolutely no consequences for his actions. Should I change this, or should we just say that Gray decided not too mention who was behind it? I could also have them blame everything on Zalty.

4. Ultear is not going to be responsible for every goddamn thing ever. That said, should she and Siegrain genuinely be friends, or should she still be using him? If they are, does Siegrain know she’s in Grimoire Heart, or does he just see her as an ally?

5. Juvia. Just… I need help dealing with Juvia. I already know what I’m going to do about certain… issues, but I honestly don’t know what to do with her outside of her relationship with Gray. So - should I focus on her friendship with Gajeel, her friendship with Lucy, her friendship with Cana, her friendship with someone else, or a combination of some sort?

6. Fairy Tail is notorious for redeeming female villains and leaving the male ones out to dry. I already have a pretty good idea for the Oracíon Seis, but I need some help with Grimoire Heart. Specifically, with Kain, Rustyrose, Azuma, Zoldio, Bluenote, and Zancrow. Possibly also Kawazu and Yomazu.

7. The Spriggan 12 are… an interesting bunch. That said, I think we can all agree that some of them don’t need to exist. Bloodman, for example, would’ve been a really cool villain for the Tartaros arc (er… arguably), but he doesn’t really belong in Alvarez. Should I move him to Tartaros and replace him with someone else? Also, what should I do about Lacarde and August, especially if Zeref isn’t Spriggan?

8. Aquarius is another issue. I have a pretty good idea of what I’m gonna do about her relationship with Lucy, but then there’s her relationship with Brandish, which I don’t think anyone could salvage. So… thoughts?

9. Should I bother with filler, or no?

10. If you have any thoughts or idea, lemme know. If I can incorporate them, I’ll do my best.

Thanks for all your help; you guys are the best!