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A cute fluff with Kylo where he's scared that he lost you when Starkiller Base had exploded but he ends up finding you and he cries because he had assumed the worst

The first thought that came in kylo’s mind was you.

Kylo had awoken in a batca tank. His body numb, but his mind on fire.

Where where you?

Where are you?

Are you safe?

The batca tank cracked and then exploded. Kylo emerged, his body was in no condition to be doing anything but resting. But kylo had enough power to keep his body going though pure rage alone. He hated the resistance for blowing up star killer base, not for the first order’s sake but for yours. He thought you were dead but this thought was too scary.

“Where is (y/n)?” Kylo asked one of the doctors. No response

“WHERE IS (Y/N)?!” kylo shouted and force choked the nearest person.

“Th-they’re-” the doctor manged to choke out before being interrupted.

“Here. And I’d appreciate it if you don’t kill whats left of our medical staff” general hux said. Kylo sneered and dropped the choking man.

“Where are they?” Kylo said more calmly, as calmly as he can be at this point.

“They’re safe. Although i don’t know the full extent of their injuries, as i have more important things to worry about” hux said as if this was obvious. Kylo growled and didn’t bother asking more as it was a waste of time and He stormed out to find you, much to the general’s annoyance.

When kylo could not find you he panicked. He feared the worse.

“Ren?” A small voice echoed through the hallway. Kylo turned to see you standing there, your left arm and leg was missing and in their place was prosthetics.

“(Y/n)” kylo ran toward you amd hugged you tightly. Tears welled up in your eyes.

“I thought you were dead” you said and nuzzled his chest. The warmth of his body felt comforting. The only kind of comfort you have and feared you would lose forever.

“I thought i-i lost you too” kylo said. Warm tears ran down his face. Not even caring if someone saw. He kissed your forehead.

“Well. I lost some parts of me” you said. Looking at your metal arm.

“Does it hurt?” Kylo said, wincing.

“Nah. You look worse”

You both laughed. It was soothing to hear the other’s laughter fill the hallways. Kylo gritted his teeth when he felt the wound from his side ache

“I think you should get some rest” you said. Kylo nodded. He felt aching more and more now that you’re leaving his arms. You both kissed one more time before leaving. At the end of the hallway you turned to look at kylo one last time.

“I love you!” kylo blurted out before you left his sight.

“I know” you replied.

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