student/teacher au I

1.  Bring Your Body, Baby by smuttythings (17k)

Louis is a uni student who works as a stripper to pay his way. One night, his English professor, Harry, is there and Louis panics, not wanting anyone to find out what he does. He agrees to a month of doing whatever Harry wants to ensure that the man doesn’t tell. 

2.  St. Austin’s School for Boys by my_five_idiot_heroes (100k)

St. Austin’s School for Boys is a correction school for young men that uses corporal punishment as their means of discipline. After one too many infractions, Harry Styles is sent there till graduation. Upon arriving Harry meets his dorm advisor who also happens to be the first year sex-education teacher and footie coach, Louis Tomlinson. Harry falls in absolute adoration for the teacher and is all too ready to drop down onto his knees for him. During his stay he learns some very interesting things about himself… Welcome to St. Austin’s School for Boys, where the hallways are filled with love, drama, and sex. 

3.  What’s Said And Done by foxyloueh (10k)

Louis’ a teacher, Harry’s a student and it all begins during afternoon detention. 

4.  gonna give you the D cuz you never gave me an A by embro (8.1k)

Harry gets a chance to see his old teacher Mr Tomlinson, the only teacher who ever failed him.

He wants to fuck Louis over. Then he just wants Louis to fuck him.

5.  No Control by CarlyLovesLarry (5.5k)

Louis dropped his phone on his desk and got up from where he was seated, storming over to Harry and slamming his hands on his desk. “Look, sweetheart, I don’t know why you think you don’t have to listen to me, but I am in charge here. Not you. So please, do us both a favor and just listen.””

“And if I don’t?”

Louis stood for a second, thinking, because really, what could he do? This was probably the worst he could make it besides possibly suspending him, but that didn’t seem too likely. He didn’t know what Harry wanted. Why did he want to make things so hard for him? Couldn’t he just come to class every day and not cause him any problems?

“By the way, your ass looks ace in those pants.”

He was completely irritated now, heart thumping, red with anger, his insides were set on fire and he didn’t know if he wanted to punch this arrogant prick or kiss him. He said the first thing to come off of his tongue, and he regretted it the second it left him.

“Or I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll forget your pretty little name.”

or where Louis is the health teacher and Harry is a little bastard, and Louis needs to teach him his lesson

6.  Accidentally In Love by Jenny_Lou_Tops_Stylinson (25k)

Louis has a perfect life. Perfect grades, perfect family; if being the oldest of almost seven counts as perfect, but the only problem is that he’s a male omega, something’s that’s very rare. This becomes an even bigger problem when his family moves to Holmes Chapel and he meets Mr. Styles. (younger!Louis, older!Harry, 22yo!Harry, 17!yoLouis, Charlotte is 9, Félécity is 7, and Daisy and Phoebe are 4)

Or, Louis falls in love with his fourth block psychology teacher.

7.  And I’ll Be Yours To Keep by sweetly_disposed (59k)

Moving from a rough school to a private performing arts college is a culture shock for Louis. He’s trying to settle in the best he can, establish himself as a respectable teacher when the kids he’s teaching are only a few years younger than him. One student in particular, quiet Harry Styles, catches Louis’ attention from the word go.

It soon becomes apparent that Harry has talent, is one of the best ballet dancers Louis has ever seen. Louis has a responsibility to keep Harry at arm’s length, but with every day that goes by, he feels his control slip a little more. It’s risky for everyone involved, but somehow…Harry seems worth it.

(“That’s Harry Styles,” Zayn said. “He’s been at the school since he was eleven. Hands down the best male ballet dancer here, I swear.”)

8.  Mr. Styles by BlurrysGoner (2.1k)

“I’m giving you two choices, and this is completely your decision. Either I turn in your discipline referral to the office, you get written up and possibly put in detention, or I can just give you a punishment myself and not turn in a discipline referral, no other teacher or head of board will ever know that you got caught with your phone out except for me.”

“The second one, definitely the second one.”

(Or the one where Harry only has three rules for his class, no phones, no passing notes, and always listen. Louis breaks rule number one on Harry first day and it leads to Louis being punished for being such a bad boy.)

9.  What Do You Not Do? by 1dfetusfics (4.2k)

Louis has been going to Harry for piano lessons since he was seven-years-old. Now he’s eleven, and his piano teacher is beginning to notice just how beautiful the young boy is. 

10.  Lesson learned by littleridinghood (2.8k)

Harry is late for Mr.Tomlinson’s class, and doesn’t have his assignment ready. Trying to push his buttons and make him crumble, Harry doesn’t expect himself to be the one to lose control. 

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