Mornings with Nathan

Living with Nathan would be the most amazing thing. You had been dating Nathan for the longest time so you two had developed a little system to how mornings went. Sure you’d have to deal with his early morning alarms, but you didn’t mind, infact you’d gotten used to hearing them so much that they didn’t even phase you anymore. On the mornings when Nathan did have an early practice he’d simply get out of bed as quietly as he could and get ready for practice all while doing his best not to wake you. When he was ready and had to leave he’d simply kiss your forehead and be on his way. Once he had been gone for almost an hour or so and you’d managed to wake up you’d go to the kitchen and start to make breakfast, halfway through Nathan would get back and he’d greet you by wrapping his hands around your waist and burying his head in the crock of your neck followed by a “Good morning, baby”. You’d then proceed to ask him about his practice and how training is going and he’d happily tell you while watching you finish making breakfast. Now the mornings where Nathan didn’t have practice were your absolute favorites. On these mornings Nathan would not get out of bed for anything. He wouldn’t even let you leave the bed, you’d try to get up to go make breakfast and he’d wrap his arms around you so fast and say “You’re not going anywhere. I don’t get many mornings to cuddle you as long as I would like to and I’m not cutting this time short.” and you’d happily cuddle back into him and tell him “Fine, but when we do decide to get up, you get to make breakfast mister” and kiss him on the nose and he’d happily reply “Anything for my baby girl” and you two would happily drift back to sleep in each others arms. 


Accessed from the Archives of Dr Li / Classification: Highly Classified 

Dr Li’s notes: Patient seems to suffer from deep childhood trauma, as well as delusions of grandeur. Seems to have a difficulty with relating to others, and dislikes making connections. Schedule future meetings.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write about Neil just looking at Andrew and his eyes soften and is just really gay ? I love your writing ❤️❤️

Neil pauses by the door. It’s rare that he can walk into the apartment without Andrew being alerted by simply the sound of the key in the lock, but some nights, now, he sleeps more heavily than he used to. That’s good, Neil thinks. He feels safe.

Andrew lies with his back to the wall, blankets bunched around his waist, and arms placed so casually around the pillow that it doesn’t quite look like he’s hugging the blanket.  It’s a habit left over from when knives were kept under Andrew’s pillow, Neil knows, but the arm placement is now pure comfort. With his blonde hair out of place, falling over his forehead and the pillow, Andrew almost looks soft. He never looks this unguarded awake.

Neil drops his bag to the floor with a light thud, and Andrew stirs. Neil’s shirt follows, then his jeans, and by the time he’s lifting up the covers to slide into Andrew’s bed, hazel eyes are watching his every moment, alert. “Good morning,” Neil mutters, acknowledging the sunlight that’s streaming through the slightly open curtains.

“Too early,” Andrew responds. It’s not even 5am - Neil’s flight was a later one, and he didn’t manage to get on it until midnight, from an away game. He hasn’t managed to sleep yet. He nods in response.

Andrew traces a finger in an abstract shape on Neil’s shoulder; a ball caught him there earlier, and a bruise must be starting to form. Neil lets out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding and closes his eyes. He lets himself be lulled to sleep by Andrew’s breath and the heat of his body, mere inches away, finally, finally.