Nothing truly says #treatyoself like Chipotle followed by Orange Leaf for lunch. #yoloandwhatnot (at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt)

It should be noted that the 3-way divider at Orange Leaf is fantastic technology. I had snicker doodle yogurt + marshmallow fluff, cake batter + mini caramel truffles + rainbow sprinkles, and tart + mango boba.

It should also be noted that hopefully one day I’ll have an iphone w/o a busted camera that leaks light and is blurry. Grrrr. 

Lesson learned - do not drink cups of wine out of your beer cup.

You’ll be the drunkest person at the wedding. Oops.

I may have booty danced with the bride. 🙊😆 #yoloandwhatnot