submitted by yolo-and-mon-ler

Names: Yolo-ler (left) Mon-ler (right)

Counselors, Cabin 1 for south stitch.

Age: 24

Height 6’2

Yolos personality: very kind and opened. Enjoys teaching and reading aloud. He can be very sarcastic and sometimes mischievous if Mon and him get together. Is good at planning and enjoys creative activity’s. Only person that can calm down Mon when he gets really really….Monsterish.

Mons personality: Very playful and loud. He loves joking around and playing pranks. Sometimes comes off as lazy but just likes relaxing. Does have a short temper when it comes to people being rude. Will get into fist fights if gets angry enough. May seem like the stronger twin, but Yolo usually runs the show.

Likes: Both adore coffee and Pizza and sweets. (Mon enjoys sweets a little more) Like helping others, and like hugs.

Dislikes: They hate rude people and will do something to stop it.