Turisas’ Finnish tour and all the 11 shows done! At last night I finally took one picture with Mathias (the last one of this set of three) and oh my, what a grin. This set also shows how the grin has been evolving, first picture was taken in 12/2013, second one 4/2014 and the last one 12/2015. <3

But oh my, what an amazing and incredible tour it was! 20 shows from them this year and it was so great! I’m so grateful and I owe everything for them. I can’t wait for the next adventures!


Turisas - Rex Regi Rebellis (song starts around 02:00)


Finnish tour is finally done. Somehow I managed to attend to all those 11 amazing shows. I’m speechless and so grateful - these guys are adorable and sweethearts. I just respect them so much. <3

Four days for Turisas AND Silent Voices!

It’s gonna be a hectic day :’D First Barren Earth (20:15) and Turisas (21:25) at Tavastia, then E.Vil (23:00) and Silent Voices (00:00) at Bar Bäkkäri. BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Also it’s been 226 days since I last saw Turisas (the whole band, I saw Jesper, Kasper and Olli quite many times around during the spring and summer but it’s different to see them randomly at the bar than see TURISAS show) so yes, I’m EXCITED.


Six selfies from this year, thanks for the challenge, @heavvymetalqueen.

1: Paganfest with Cveti and Sarah <3 “The YOLO Mafia”, as Heidevolk started to call us. That was something what I would call an adventure!

2: Me with my best friend after I got home from the Paganfest tour - I was sick for two weeks :D

3: Me, Nat and Sanna went to Lahti to see Frosttide and Thyrien. This picture was taken by our new friend Jesse, who we met on that show. You can see Joonas from Frosttide photobombing behind us.

4: Seeing Kamelot with Jesse!

5: Sarah <3<3<3<3<3 (before Turisas show in Kouvola)

6: Last saturday in Turku, before Turisas. In this picture there’s Meri, Viola, Jesse, me and Riikka.

This has been an amazing year. I still have two amazing Turisas shows left <3 Thanks to all who have been involved somehow during this amazing year <3