I just found out that Heidevolk are playing in Z7 in the end of the year and now I’m trying to convince my friends to re-do our last Z7 Paganfest trip. Like, have the ending we were planning to (read: drinking a lot) rather than sleeping in a hostel in Basel because a friend of mine was getting stitches to her chin…

But YES! I really want to go to see Heidevolk again, Z7 is an awesome venue and I really miss Sarah and Cveti - even if I’m gonna see them before that <3 I’m pretty sure I have to buy that “pre-christmas present” to myself and go to see them.

From complete exhaustion to excitement robe in the motherland, a bus almost being tipped over, fireworks, an enormous crowd looking like a riot running through the street, beer chugging, shot & death shot drinking, pizza eating, bar dancing & drinking, but best of all no border cross wait.
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