yolo zombie

basic morals of your favorite songs
  • HeavyDirtySoul: yolo zombies are ironic
  • Stressed Out: candle making is how tyler relieves stress
  • Ride: yeah we do reggae
  • Fairly Local: the radio loves us
  • Tear in My Heart: screw potholes
  • Lane Boy: dont trust beyonce
  • The Judge: stay at home
  • Doubt: we can totally pull off the repeated syllable thing
  • Polarize: we know so much spanish, like tres whole words
  • We Don't Believe What's on TV: we dont believe insurance ads because theyre what we want to see
  • Message Man: you dont know me
  • Hometown: in the dark sad USA bro
  • Not Today: piano is hardcore
  • Goner: blurryface was originally tyler screaming for 40 minutes with josh playing tambourine