yolo reblog this please


Stop reblogging the YOI translations from @yolo-on-ice please!

They are reposting AND editing comics from artists who don’t allow the reposts of their works! It’s even written clearly on their profile for some :

We have tried to contact them twice and they ended to close their askbox!
So now we are convinced they ignored our messages and don’t care much.

Writing “please like and follow the artist” is useless if the artists didn’t approve the use of their hard works in the first place!!!
It’s just very disrespectful.

We are gonna contact the artists about it, but we count on the fandom to not support this blog any longer!

Do not reblog their posts and block the user

Thank you for reading and be careful~

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings

Hi, yes im here to audition for the… wait no never mind my anxiety and low self a steam said no. Sorry for wasting your time. 


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