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Hi love! Could you do some jealous shawn or protective? Thank youuuu!!

didn’t have the mental capacity for like a full fledged story, so like here’s one of my little ramble thingies lmao. 

enjoy some Protective!Shawn : )

Okay so you’re out just on a quick run to Target to get some shampoo or tampons or something, so you just popped out by yourself

and like you’re used to fans coming up to you and stuff

But fans were expecting Shawn to be with you around here somewhere so they all come up and crowd around you.

And you turn around to look to Shawn for comfort, because that’s where he usually is when you’re in this sort of situation

But he isn’t there this time, because you assured him that you would be fine

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prompt: “everyone thinks they’re dating and they start wondering if they’re dating.”

pairing: luna valente/matteo balsano (lutteo) + yamiro?

Luna and Matteo could not help hugging each other when they finished singing Qué más da.

Him, because if he saw her face at that distance for another second he would not hold the urge to repeat the ending of their last competition together. Her, because the look he was giving her was making her feel really nervous and she needed to normalize the situation before she ended up being the one reapating their first kiss.

However, it was definitely not the last time their friends saw them side by side. The pair seemed to be spending more time together than ever.

"I searched more information for your work last night.” He told her, putting books on the table along with some printed sheets.

She looked at him in surprise. “You’re really putting your heart into this, Matteo. Thank you very much, seriously.” For once, she was the one who grabbed his hand on the table, smiling tenderly. “I’ve been having so many things on my mind lately that I really appreciate having your help. Although in the end this will seem like a work in groups, don’t you think?”

“What’s wrong with that, delivery girl? We said that we make a good team, didn’t we?” There it was, another moment of glances and cheesy smiles, “Besides, I’m just helping a little. You can call me the information gatherer if you want.”

Luna laughed.

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wHAT IF...

dapgo comes out and its all cute pictures of the tour and stuff and in the middle of the book it just says “we lied” on a blank page and then the rest of the book is just all the photos with the original background which was a greenscreen and it turns out dan and phil just stayed in london on tumblr for like 3 months and used photoshop, holograms and advanced video editing to make people think they went outside.