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94 + andreil, bless you

94: “Why are you screaming?” (I incorporated another prompt into this, I hope that’s okay!!)

Neil’s phone rings just as he’s coming in from his run, bringing a whole mess of muddy shoes and misted dew in with him. He zeroes in on Andrew tucked into the couch, the hood up on his sweater and his feet bare. Neil bites his lip so he won’t smile, stepping on his heels so the muck and shoes and socks all come halfway off his feet.

He flips his phone open and wanders over to the couch with it pressed to his ear.

“Hello? Matt?”

“Dan!” Dan crows in his ear. “Via Matt’s phone. But we’re both here. Say hi, Matt.”

“Hi Matt,” Matt’s muffled voice comes from somewhere almost out of range and Neil hears Dan deck him.

“Anyway. Brunch?”

Neil climbs onto the couch and Andrew’s feet curl up when Neil’s wet jacket brushes his ankles.

“It’s 9 AM.”


“That’s just breakfast.”

“Okay smartass, no fries for you.”

“Can I bring Andrew?” Neil asks, and he watches hazel eyes sweep from the TV to his face. His stomach jumps, senselessly thrilled.

“Oh,” Dan’s saying. Neil can hear the strangeness creeping into her voice like it always does when he mentions Andrew. That little reminder that Neil is in Andrew’s lot first, and he always was.

Can you bring Andrew?” Andrew says, voice thick from sleep.

“Sure,” Dan decides. “If you don’t think that would be weird.”

“Why would it be weird?” Neil says, knowing perfectly well why it would be weird. Andrew rolls onto his back and his shirt does all sorts of interesting things as he twists.

“Because I hate them,” Andrew says. “And they’re not quite dumb enough to ignore it.”

“I fuckin—” Dan starts, exasperated. “I heard that.”

“He doesn’t hate you,” Neil says. “He just doesn’t care.” He puts one hand under Andrew’s hood, up in his hair. His face is a calm sea, but sometimes Neil feels like he can see his reflection in it. Something mildly pleased and unsettled.

“Well come on down to brunch, then,” Dan says sarcastically.

“Give us ten minutes.”

“You don’t have time for a quickie,” Dan says, and Neil can hear Matt laughing in the background.

“Alright, 40 minutes then.”

Dan groans, and Neil’s mouth twitches. “Just get here before dinner,” she laughs, then hangs up.

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They’re seemingly unavoidable on Instagram these days: photos of bright yellow egg yolks nestled in a fluffy bed of egg whites, like the sun framed by billowy clouds. They’re called cloud eggs, and they’re pretty enough to look like a taste of heaven … which is probably why people are obsessively whipping them up and sharing their pictures on social media.

Yet the latest food fad du jour is actually a modern spin on a nearly 400-year-old recipe.

“They are basically a very, very old dish. It’s essentially something called Eggs in Snow, which the French have been making for centuries. And it’s suddenly taking off on Instagram,” says Daniel Gritzer, the culinary director at Serious Eats.

He points to a recipe for Oeufs à la Neige (eggs in snow), in Le Cuisinier François, a seminal cookbook published in 1651, just as France was beginning a revolution in cookery that would make it the culinary leader of the world for centuries.

Cloud Eggs: The Latest Instagram Food Fad Is Actually Centuries Old

Photo: Maria Godoy/NPR

Neighbour! Park Jihoon

masterlist can be found (here)

disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in the mood board or the au used
genre(s): neighbour! au // fluff
a/n: this is the 50th fic i posted on this blog!!! it came a long way for the last ¾ months and i want to take the chance to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me through liking my fics and dropping the nicest things on my inbox <3 i will keep working hard on my writing & leave me some feedback on this au if i shoud do it for the other members

“Your love was handmade for somebody like me.”

  • The smiling angel of the apartment building and is possibly the nicest and polite person you can ever find
  • Takes the effort to greet everyone in the lift whenever he goes running his errands and it’s cute bcs he remembers all their names
  • His apartment is very comfy and clean and he honestly comes off so soft
  • Round frame glasses, a black beret with a large oversize sweater and coffee in his hand, he literally looks like a living art
  • Even if his sweater has obnoxiously mismatch stripes and who even wear berets nowadays???  
  • His place has a minimalistic sort of aesthetic vibe to it
  • White furniture along with framed art pieces are hanged across his living room
  • But he has really loud statement pieces here and there like a bright red leather couch in the midst of everything or this neon green bathroom rug
  • Or how he has egg yolk yellow curtains he found at the vintage store Jisung owns
  • You can’t even tell him that you think it doesn’t match because he will tell you ‘I really like it, don’t you think it looks good?’ with that charming smile of his
  • wow the word ‘no’ suddenly disappears from your mind
  • The mothers in the building loves him cause Jihoon is the go-to babysitter since he is usually free at night and is surprisingly very good in handling children
  • All the children go from little nightmares to just teeny tiny angel when they are with Jihoon, it’s like he has some sort of superpower around them
  • He doesn’t charge them any money since he thinks it’s not really a job as he’s having fun so the mothers would figure a way to send him side dishes or kimchi, knowing that he doesn’t get to visit his parents often
  • Hence, his fridge is filled to the brim with homemade dishes
  • Also because his eating habits are not the healthiest as his cabinet is crammed full of ramen and in his fridge, it’s filled with meat along with boxes of his favourite chocolate chip cookies are on his countertop
  • Jihoon’s shelves are full of candles, he doesn’t collect them as they are all gifts from the high schoolers who live in the building and low key admires him lmao
  • “Woojin these people are so nice, look at this candle!” “I’m pretty sure friendly people don’t say they love you in notes they sent.”
  • But he doesn’t light them cause he is scared that a fire might break out LOL he just uses them as part of his deco
  • And he has a 'memory shelf’ where he keeps all the awards he won as a child actor
  • But he gets super shy whenever anyone mentions it and he’s like 'oh no that was years ago, don’t bring that up!!’
  • but secretly love the attention who am i kidding
  • Everything is always neat and in place, and he sleeps everywhere other than his bed
  • Even if his bed is the most expensive furniture he owns and takes up the biggest space of his apartment since he wanted the softest and fluffiest mattress possible
  • It’s also filled with a bundle of soft toys which is such a large contrast from the rest of the room but he absolutely loves it since it makes everything 100x comfier
  • But unlike the rest of his apartment, he will be hanging off his couch upside down to eat chips or he has a contest with Woojin to see who can do a handstand upside for the longest
  • On the other hand, his wardrobe is colourful and I’m not lying when I say you can find every colour spectrum in it
  • Each clothing piece of his is nice individually but the way he dresses makes him the gossip of the neighbours lmao
  • Neon green socks and those yellow sandals???
  • But it’s okay cause his looks make up for his very questionable taste in fashion
  • You live next door to him and you are always busy with your job so you don’t see Jihoon too often
  • The only time was when you baked some brownies for him when you first moved him and it’s not a stretch to say you sort of want to see his smile again
  • You finally had your off day in the longest time and you just wanted to spend the day in your apartment catching up with the variety shows you missed and eat tubs of ice cream
  • As you played the first episode of 'Winner Over Flowers’, you received a notification on your phone which caught you by surprise as you set your phone on silent unless one of your family members called you
  • … the worst decision you ever made in your entire life was picking up your phone
  • It was a call from your older sister who was going on a date with her husband and knowing that you were free, she wanted you to babysit her 3 year old daughter
  • Your instinct was to say no, but she droned on, threatening you that you still owe her for accidentally spilling a drink on one of her dresses
  • “There goes my day.”
  • Sighing, you mentally prepared the arrival of her child
  • She was not the worst you had encounter and you had babysat her in the past but you were way too comfy in your PJs and your bag of chips
  • You begrudgingly opened the door as she quickly settled in
  • It started off pretty smoothly as she ate her vegetables and also took the vitamins your sister instructed you to feed her
  • Thankfully, she wasn’t a very hyper child and it didn’t take too long to get her attention
  • But once you were busy washing the dishes, he accidentally bumped her head on the coffee table
  • Like any other child her age, she burst into a LOUD tantrum
  • You mentally cursed as you quickly went up to hush her down while running your hands down her back
  • But it seems to be no avail as she became louder and her tears didn’t seem to run out anytime soon
  • That was when you heard your doorbell rung
  • Was one of your neighbours here to complain about the noise???
  • “I’m terribly sorry about the noise -”
  • You bowed in embarrassment when you opened the door, your eyes afraid to look at you who the child had infuriate
  • “Hey it’s okay, I’m just here to help.”
  • To say the least, you were shocked when you saw your neighbour, Jihoon, at your doorstep
  • He had just came back from the gym when he heard baby crying noises coming next door and he was pretty concerned about what was going on when it still kept going on after a few minutes
  • You had heard praises about him when you last attended the neighbours association meeting about his ways of being with the children but still, it was a wonder when he quickly offered to help you take care of your niece
  • Hesitantly, you nodded and pulled open your door wider and let him in as you didn’t have any other options
  • You were in disbelief when you witnessed how Jihoon pretty much told a fairy tale story to her on how monsters didn’t like children who cried and did eat them up
  • Moments later, she had already stopped crying and a tiara was on top of his head as she declared him 'Princess Jihoon’
  • You were still frozen in your steps until your niece pulled your hand and told you that as the 'Prince Charmings’, we had to go and save the Princess
  • So the next hour consisted of the two of you going through 'battles’ while Jihoon was residing in his 'castle’
  • When you saved him, you niece insisted that the Prince had to give the Princess a kiss
  • Jihoon quickly shook his head, indicating you didn’t have to do it
  • But without him realizing, you placed a kiss on his cheeks which lead to you quickly hiding your blushing face in your palms while your heart was going haywire
  • If only you looked at him, you would realize how Jihoon was gaping and his face had already gone completely red
  • Your niece soon fell asleep and after you tucked her in bed and you were sad, seeing how you actually had a great time with him but this was probably the last time you would ever get to hang out as you had no excuses
  • But when you walked out of the bedroom, Jihoon beamed at you while holding up a few movies in his hand
  • “You shouldn’t just waste your free day alone!”
  • A chuckle came out of your lips as he had asked you earlier why was there suddenly a child in your place where you also explained that your free day had been taken away
  • But also was he implying that this was a date?? No one will never know
  • You quickly made some microwaved popcorn along with grabbing the tub of ice cream and cookies you had been saving and settle next to him as he showed you the movie choices
  • While Jihoon is just happy he made the right choice because you were the neighbour he thought ….. was cute … for the longest time possible
  • When you recounted what happened as you stared at his side profile halfway through the movie, you realized Jihoon was very much made of ….. BOYFRIEND material
Just One Bite

Pairing: Shin Hoseok | Wonho X Reader

Genre: Fluff, smutty undertones

Word Count: 2K

Summary:  There isn’t a particular reason for it, the vibrant colors blooming prettily against his skin, sometimes a pretty pale pink, like his lips, or lilac like his soft hair. It’s become something comfortable for the two of you, something you could return to.


You really, really like biting Hoseok.

Note: Title is Regretted. Very much so.

Originally posted by wonhontology

The first time you press one of those soft velvety kisses to his collar bone, it’s in the heat of the moment. The two of you are huddled on the couch, wrapped up in a shared blanket to regulate heat, and you can’t help but notice the faint sliver of skin peeking out from under the collar of his shirt. It looks so nice and soft, so you just go for it, not stopping to think about how he’d feel about it.

Which is why you’re taken by surprise when he shivers, tilting his head invitingly, almost in an involuntary encouragement for you to trail your lips further along the smooth expanse of his neck.

His eyes have fluttered shut, long dark eyelashes resting stark against his cheekbone, and he looks so at peace like this, waiting for you, that emotion chokes your throat.

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i been seeing “huevember” things and like i just googled it now it’s apparently HUEvember, likes hues of color….my mexican ass read it as “huevos” like …fcking eggs. eggvember. i thought it was an art challenge to do with eggs. didn’t help that the first hues are like yellow/orange tones. i thought yall were being real creative with egg yolk im dying

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4, 5, and 12 for Ereri :)

Thank you so much for your prompts, dear! 

4: “I can never tell if you’re hitting on me or not.”
5: Cleaning
12: Panicked/Accidental Confession

After writing 11k words of post-war angst, I thought some light crack would be more than appropriate for this. ;) I hope you like it and have as much fun with reading it as I had with writing! <3

Word Count: 2,1k
Rated F for Floof (and CCC for Cute Canonverse Crack)

(Read on AO3.)

Mischief, Mayhem, Soap, and Porridge

Eren despised the summer flu. And he absolutely positively hated this day.

Usually he loved cleaning days. They were fun. Today, however, was awful.

Looking back at it so far, Eren thought he should have gotten right back to sleep before he’d even left the bed. But he had left it and now he had to face the music. 

Which seemed to include having to witness Sasha sneaking up on Jean to carefully slip a wet bar of soap into the collar of his shirt, only to instantly flee into one of the shower cubicles.

“Arg!” Jean exclaimed, his hands shooting up his neck and his whole body jerking, his voice echoing through the bathroom and mingling with Sasha’s mischievous cackle. “What is this shit? Fuck!”

“Cleaning day, Jean!” Sasha jeered.

His face was red, but sadly not as much in agony as Eren would have hoped for. Jean had done his best to avoid cleaning anything all morning long and Eren didn’t have any hope that this would change any time soon.

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At Your Service ~Three~

Part One ~ Part Two

*so I have a full day ahead and can’t make a promise for the next part until maybe Sunday, depending on how the weekend unfolds. Thank you for your patience.*

Thranduil had always been a sound sleeper but that night he was inconsolably  restless. He could barely close his eyes to dream for the thoughts swirling around in his head of the next day. It was a mystery which eluded him why his mind fixated on the stone-faced maid. She was not an immaculate beauty, no more or less attractive than the elvish ladies he encountered every day, but she intrigued him to his core. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of his curiosity which aroused him so.

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