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Are you natural "enough?" #naturalhair

It seems like everybody has an opinion about what it means to really be NATURAL. Some people think you must be a nuts & berries, black soap, seashell earrings, type person.

Others think as long as you don’t have a perm, your hair is natural, even if you color it.

And there are those who even go so far as to say if you straighten (with heat) your unpermed/non chemically straightened hair, you’re STILL not natural!

WTF people…how do I know if I’m natural? I use Giovanni and Aussie Moist in the same wash day…I use V05 and Shea Moisture….am I still natural? And what about when I do a wash-n-go with Yes to Tomatoes, then shingle my hair with IC Fantasia…should I be ashamed!!??

Quite frankly…I don’t have a perm, so I know I am natural. But I want to know what others think. How do you know if you’re natural enough?

Yolita Felice


To celebrate our anniversary we’re, reblogging some of our favorite posts! This was originally posted by me last September before we even had Foolie Friday. It’s still HILARIOUS!

Yolita Felice