yoli better body system

Exercise Progress

So today I did no exercise… unless you count eating very little, hacking up my lungs, and only have one bowl of chicken tortilla soup instead of the usual two as progress.  Also didn’t have any snacks.  I guess that’s something.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend came home and did her yoga and barre work.  And then made me the aforementioned chicken tortilla soup.  Because she’s the greatest.

I’m trying not to get down on myself because I’m still sick, but it’s hard when you just want to go out and make yourself look and feel better.  I hate being patient.

I looked into the Yoli Better Body System a bit ago.  Does anyone know anything about it?  It looks initially harsh, but then it tapers down into normal eating by the second week.  However, I think it’s REALLY expensive – like two weeks’ worth of pay expensive.  I really can’t afford that, but I have a friend who’s doing it and loves it and is just getting great results.  I’m getting really down on myself and my ability to make good changes (or any changes) and how I look and feel.  I wouldn’t mind a kick start and then falling back on my own motivation and initiative.  It’s just so hard to continue when you work and work and get no where.  If I could just make SOME progress, I’d be a lot more confident.

So there’s today’s “progress.”  I really don’t want to write about it because it doesn’t exist, but maybe if I use my blog more, I’ll be better?  I don’t know.  I hope so.  I just feel really down this week.  I’m still right at 180 lbs, which is the most I’ve EVER weighed – by like 20 lbs!  ALL of my clothes, even the baggy ones, are tight, and I just feel so bad.  So I need to make things better.  Here’s hoping this works.