yoley inoue


“These days the team’s a bit older, but some things never change. Tai’s still obsessed with soccer, and Sora's still waiting for him to call. Izzy’s idea of a fun night is upgrading his computer, and Matt’s trying to make it as a rock star! His stage name is "The Digidestined Formally Known as Matt”. Even though the older kids don’t have as much time for the DigiWorld, there are new Digidestined kids to pick up the slack. […] While those three were having a good time at the beach, I was in New York with TK, partly to visit Mimi, and partly to make Davis jealous.“


30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26 - Digimon: Anime I Wish Were Real 


Is no one going to talk about Tk saying he’s digivice was malfunctioning?

I really think Alphamon Made a time line where the 02 kids never joined the 01 kids.  I mean it wouldn’t be the first time a digimon made a time bubble to make the digidestined go back in time. But Cocomon only made them younger and trapped them in a time bubble. 

Alphamon is Stronger than Cocomon, He could have just turn back time and changed certain event so the 02 kids never happened. 

Making Tk and Kari digivice  change on there own because the timeline is trying to fix it self.

I would like to hear better theories than mine.

I just think Alphamon messed with time.

 Let me know what you guys think? and if you make a post can you tag it digimontritheories