One word meme - tagged by @peilinsirpale :D

Rules: Only answer with one word.

Where is your phone? sofa

Your hair? wet

Your dad? Dead

Your other half? fine

Your favourite food? pizza

Your dream last night? non-existent

Your favourite drink? coffee

Fear? failure

Favourite shoes? chucks

Favourite way to relax? reading

Your mood? tired

Your love? deep

Where were you last night? bus

Something that you aren’t? married

Muffins? always

Wishlist item? books

Where you grew up? germany

Last thing you did? eating

What are you wearing? hoodie

Something you hate? hunger

Your pets? cat

Life? weird

Regrets? thousands

I tag @gofod-alle-rymd @yokyopeli and @wauryd

5000 @ yokyopeli

I’m not updating my Finnsih blog much right now because I’m nearing 5000th post and I want to do something special for that, but I don’t know what. I was thinking of doing a languages speaking vid but I’m lazy and don’t feel like updating the info I put on my 10,000th post here, which was 4 years ago. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?