Interviewer: How does your mother feel about your activities now?

Yoko: She passed away.

Interviewer: I’m so sorry,

Yoko: It’s totally fine, it’s been 3 or 4 years…maybe 5 already. 

Interviewer: When she was still alive, did she keep track of your activities in Kanjani8?

Yoko: Yea, she watched my activities and she even came to concerts. She was really happy for me. At that time I was doing my first solo concert in Osaka-Jou Hall, even though I was on my own ten-something thousand people came to see me. Showing my mother that was an act of filial piety for me. About one week after that she passed away. So to me that was my final act of filial piety towards her. 

Interviewer: After all your mother was the one who made it possible (by entering him into johnny’s).

Yoko: Yeah, I’m really grateful for that. That’s why…I have two little brothers and I promised my mother I’d look after them until they become proper members of society…that’s why I’ll make sure they become proper members of society. 

Interviewer: *wipes away tear* That is so cool. I didn’t even dream that you’d be this handsome. 

Yoko: In that case I’m really glad we met (lol)