yokonami  asked:

Woah there friend, back up just a darn minute. You were almost published by TokyoPop?? :O

Yeah it was, gosh, around 11 or so years ago.  I had met with one of their editors and publications folks several times and it was about a month away from being published before some nasty business went down.

Long story short, I got to keep my idea and didn’t get it stolen from me.  So there’s that at least!

yokonami replied to your post: Send me your land, title, anything! and I’ll write a poem about it!

woah man you should do something about a mage of void :O (dats me)

Magician in a court of vacancy 

Your craft does create that sings of 

Breath held they wait, abated

Waiting in nothingness

Make create and

Do not hasten, please wait sweet mage

for in the abyss there awaits for naught

a cry, a plea, a tearing shriek

And listen and astound

In an empty court, entertain

Gods and fools