yokonami  asked:

I see your argument about potatoes, but consider this: nobody is gonna eat a raw potato as a snack on the go like they can a banana


Japan has street vendors that sell baked sweet potatoes (also better than bananas) as a snack to eat while on the go.

Also, having to cook a potato doesn’t make a banana not yucky.

I’ll cook a potato so I don’t have to eat a banana.

yokonami  asked:

Are we talking about hair colors? Because I've been DYING to see Eunwoo with a really deep, midnight blue hair. Like deep enough that it may seem like its normal until light hits it and then all the beautiful blue tones come out

i think i might cry that would look like literal magic on him he already looks like a fairy prince and you wonder if he’s real then light shines on him and he has a blue tint that would be something out of a fantasy