Perfectly Square with @yokokaku

Typographer Yoshihide Okazawa (@yokokaku) of Kawasaki, Japan, has a passion for design and language— a passion that he shares with a global audience through his Instagram photos. “I have a habit of looking at different fonts when I walk around and determining which font it is and whether or not it’s hand-written,” Yoshihide explains, noting unique hand-written characters are his favorite to photograph. “I didn’t used to take pictures of these characters I came across, but thanks to Instagram, I started photographing what I saw.”

Yoshihide started using Instagram in November 2010—just one month after Instagram first launched—in large part because the product was well suited to his passion. “Japanese types are designed in a square format unlike Latin alphabet types. Because Instagram pictures are square in format, it is ideal for showing Japanese characters…Square is great!”

To see more of Yoshihide’s favorite discoveries, be sure to follow him on Instagram @yokokaku.