yokohama wheels


Gotta love a fully titanium heat wrapped cat-back exhaust… Owner: @nozarashi86

Nozarashi 86 HPDE+ 2017 setup:
• TRD/Momo Steering Wheel, GReddy shift Knob
• GReddy Airinx Intake
• GReddy Revolution RS Single 3" Exhaust, DEI Titanium Heat Wrap (100ft)
• GReddy SEMA 2016 Prototype Titanium Oil Catch Can
• GReddy 10 Row Oil Cooler
• GReddy Oil Filter & Oil Drain Plug
• GReddy x KW Coilovers (6k front, 7k rear)
• Eibach Sway Bars (soft/soft)
• Cusco Front & Rear Strut Towers
• ARK Design USA R5 18x8.5" wheels
• Yokohama Advan Sport A/S 235/40r18
• StopTech Slotted Rotors Rear, Drilled/Slotted Front
• StopTech 309 Pads, Braided Steel lines, DOT4 Brake Fluid
• GReddy Gracer front lip, riveted

Let’s get some small Oda hcs out before his birthday ends yea?   -C

Oda Sakunosuke

  • He’s always wanted to go on the big ferris wheel in Yokohama but never got the chance to. Dazai, ango, and him promised they’d go for Oda’s birthday one year but yknow things happen.
  • Usually the one to carry Ango or Dazai to a cab or their own cars if they happen to get obliterated at the bar. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does he’ll drive them home and walk the rest of the way to his place depending on whose car he took.
  • When he reads with the kids he’ll do different voices for each character in the story.
  • Speaking of those adorable kids, his favorite sound to hear is their laughter. He’s really at ease when he comes back from work and hears them giggling.
  • He can’t sleep well if the area around him is too noisy. Trees and rain are one thing but people yelling and stomping are another so he learns to invest in earplugs when it gets a little rambunctious near his apartment (which isn’t too often).
  • Made the mistake of trying Dazai’s homemade (experiments) cooking a second time and blacked out for 8 hours only to find himself sleeping in front of his apartment door.
  • Every so often he’ll take a good hour-long bath to release some tension and ends up almost falling asleep every time.
  • He’s really good at cards and gambling in general but darts are by far the thing he’s best at and it helps that he enjoys it.
  • This man can give a real thorough massage that has the recipient moaning and groaning the entire time. He’s a bit rough when he gets super focused on getting knots out but snaps out once the person asks him to go a little lighter.
  • If he has a nightmare he usually won’t try to go back to sleep after it. He’ll make tea and write small blurbs of stories he thought about during the week cause if he did try to go to sleep after, he’d just wake up again from more bad dreams.
  • When one of the kids has a birthday, he always gets them a gift they go wild over. He picks up subtle hints as to what their likes and dislikes are until he ends up ruminating on the perfect present for them.
    •  For his birthday he really didn’t expect the kids to get together with the restaurant owner to make him his favorite curry. It ends up a little soggy and a little too spiced but he eats every ounce and loves it.