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Could I have proposal headcanons for dazai, kunikida and chuuya? ♡♡

Dazai Osamu

  • For a brief moment, Dazai considers sparing you his usual antics and following the traditional path of a sweet romantic; after all, he doesn’t want to wreck this moment by you getting annoyed and rejecting him because he popped the question with a ring pop. Naturally, he decides a normal proposal just isn’t Dazai style and immediately launches into a complicated plot.
  • Dazai drags everyone in the ADA into setting up his proposal regardless of whether or not they actually want to be involved. At first he tries to delegate duties to his coworkers but that crumbles pretty quickly after Kunikida flatly refuses to spend his lunch breaks trying to privately reserve Yokohama’s Ferris wheel. Eventually Dazai backs off, requesting only that they help him on the actual proposal day.
  • Dazai doesn’t consider himself a picky person, but his true colors come out when he’s flipping through a ring catalogue. He’s kicked out of no less than three jewellery stores because he throws a fit when the jewellers offer him ‘downright garbage not worthy of my darling _____’s finger’. Eventually, after arguing with dozens of store managers, Dazai settles on an elegant silver band inlaid with a few diamonds circling your favorite gemstone.
  • When the proposal day comes, Dazai’s stomach is practically a butterfly garden. Naturally, he doesn’t let on to this fact; whenever you ask him why he’s jittery he just coolly brushes it off, claiming he had too much coffee or he just has to pee really, really badly.
  • Dazai claims he’s meeting you for a day-long date before disappearing, leaving you a map of where to find him to begin this date. When you reach the spot you’re supposed to find him—where you two first met—he’s nowhere in sight. Instead, Tanizaki and Naomi practically leap on you, refusing to say a word about what’s going on as they drag you away. When they stop, you’re standing on the spot of you and Dazai’s second date. Then Yosano’s pulling you away— and so on until the entire ADA’s showed you all around the city, stopping at every single spot Dazai’s taken you for a date.
  • Hours later, the ADA’s practically crossed the whole city and you’re thoroughly confused. At last they all lead you to the ocean, guiding you along the beach. Finally, you find Dazai—kneeling on one knee, a grin splitting his face.

Kunikida Doppo

  • Deciding he’s actually going to propose takes weeks—Kunikida’s absolutely sure he wants to spend the rest of his life by your side, but this is a huge step forward. Plus, his Ideals book sets marriage at least two years from now, and breaking his life plan just doesn’t sit right. It takes several days of teasing from Dazai and encouragement from the rest of the ADA for Kunikida to make up his mind. (A firm ‘You need to make yourself happy now or live without _____’ from Fukuzawa was the last straw before Kunikida caved.)
  • Kunikida can’t decide whether to buy the rings or craft them with his ability. While he wants them to be personalized and special, he also doesn’t want you thinking he summoned your engagement ring just to save a few hundred dollars. Eventually Kunikida settles on using his notebook to create matching rings, but he’s got a whole apology paragraph memorized in case you accuse him of being cheap.
  • When the day finally comes Kunikida’s an absolute wreck. Stretched over his fried nerves is a calm facade but as the minutes tick by he grows more and more obviously flustered. He’s constantly searching for his glasses even though they’re tucked in his pocket, spacing out, and dropping everything but hints. It’s a downright miracle nothing breaks.
  • Kunikida wants to treat you to a day-long adventure around Yokohama but he knows himself well enough to realize he can’t handle that and will end up proposing in the middle of the street. Instead, he settles on taking you for a lovely lunch in one of your favorite cafes. Then he leads you to a private shaded garden, brimming with sakura trees and countless flowers all in full bloom. After he’s found a bench for you two to settle comfortably on he hands you a slip of paper, covered in a sweet love poem. When you finish reading it, Kunikida coaxes the paper from your hands before dropping on one knee and turning it into a ring.
  • After you say yes, Kunikida practically tackles you in a huge hug, lips instantly slotting against yours. Not much can get him this excited, but his dreams of spending the rest of his life with you becoming a reality definitely pulls it out of him.
  • Kunikida wraps up the day with a romantic picnic dinner on the docks. After hauling out gigantic bento boxes, fruit, and chilled wine he rolls up his pants and dangles his legs off the dock, sinking his toes in the tides with you. His arm’s wrapped around your waist all through dinner as you watch the ships come in and eagerly plan your wedding.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • After about a month of dating you, Chuuya was already sold. Deciding to propose isn’t a big deal to him because he’s had his heart set on making you his from the beginning. The only thing holding Chuuya back is you. As soon as he senses that you’re ready for marriage, Chuuya’s immediately planning the ultimate romantic proposal to show up all others.
  • Chuuya doesn’t even bother going to a jeweller’s. He’s never going to be satisfied with some pre-drafted ring that any old suitor can get if they flash a few thousand dollars. Instead, Chuuya designs your engagement ring himself. After he’s satisfied with his plans, he hands the designs over to a renowned jeweller, explaining that he’s willing to spend whatever it takes to create this masterpiece. The end result’s huge; in the center is a blue diamond, surrounded by an alternating pattern of your and his birthstones.
  • Usually, Chuuya’s nigh unto transparent where you’re concerned. When the big day rolls around, though, he masks his intentions surprisingly well. Even though anticipation’s got his gut swirling in knots, he plays it cool the entire day, never once leading on that there’s a tiny velvet box wedged in his pocket.
  • Chuuya rarely wakes you up but this morning he’s shaking you out of sleep around nine. Despite your protests, he refuses to let you snooze and drags you out of bed for a hot homemade breakfast featuring all of your favorite foods. After this, Chuuya hands over his credit card, instructs you to pamper yourself for a few hours, and tells you that he’s going to be treating you to a day-long date when you’re done. Then he’s off to make ‘preparations’ (he refuses to say what for).
  • After a few hours wandering Yokohama, doing and buying whatever your heart desires, Chuuya pulls you into his car for a drive. Along the way, every cheesy, romantic song he knows you love roars full-blast on the radio. After a few hours Chuuya pulls up to a tiny restaurant, perched right on top of a sand dune overlooking the ocean. He treats you to a candlelit dinner next to the ocean, pulling you into a dance across the sand after you finish. Just when the sun’s setting over the waves is when he drops to one knee.
  • During the drive home Chuuya can barely keep his hands off you. The stars glittering above, wind whipping through your hair when he takes the top down. and the engagement ring matching his own that’s sparkling around your finger are all just too much and his blood’s liquid heat. The entire drive, Chuuya’s at least got a hand wrapped around your thigh, and often his fingers travel higher. It’s a miracle you don’t crash.

Let’s get some small Oda hcs out before his birthday ends yea?   -C

Oda Sakunosuke

  • He’s always wanted to go on the big ferris wheel in Yokohama but never got the chance to. Dazai, ango, and him promised they’d go for Oda’s birthday one year but yknow things happen.
  • Usually the one to carry Ango or Dazai to a cab or their own cars if they happen to get obliterated at the bar. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does he’ll drive them home and walk the rest of the way to his place depending on whose car he took.
  • When he reads with the kids he’ll do different voices for each character in the story.
  • Speaking of those adorable kids, his favorite sound to hear is their laughter. He’s really at ease when he comes back from work and hears them giggling.
  • He can’t sleep well if the area around him is too noisy. Trees and rain are one thing but people yelling and stomping are another so he learns to invest in earplugs when it gets a little rambunctious near his apartment (which isn’t too often).
  • Made the mistake of trying Dazai’s homemade (experiments) cooking a second time and blacked out for 8 hours only to find himself sleeping in front of his apartment door.
  • Every so often he’ll take a good hour-long bath to release some tension and ends up almost falling asleep every time.
  • He’s really good at cards and gambling in general but darts are by far the thing he’s best at and it helps that he enjoys it.
  • This man can give a real thorough massage that has the recipient moaning and groaning the entire time. He’s a bit rough when he gets super focused on getting knots out but snaps out once the person asks him to go a little lighter.
  • If he has a nightmare he usually won’t try to go back to sleep after it. He’ll make tea and write small blurbs of stories he thought about during the week cause if he did try to go to sleep after, he’d just wake up again from more bad dreams.
  • When one of the kids has a birthday, he always gets them a gift they go wild over. He picks up subtle hints as to what their likes and dislikes are until he ends up ruminating on the perfect present for them.
    •  For his birthday he really didn’t expect the kids to get together with the restaurant owner to make him his favorite curry. It ends up a little soggy and a little too spiced but he eats every ounce and loves it.