yokohama park


Ginkgo trees along Yamashita park street, Yokohama


First trip to Japan ~ 😍✨
First visit in Yokohama ~ 😍😍😍
And I’m not alone, but where is Dazai ? 😎🍷

(P. S : Soon the photos of the shooting in Yokohama with Dazai and Atsushi 😎)



Yokohama Marathon will be held in this Sunday.
But Typhoon No.22 has been approaching…It must be rainy day at least.



moored at Yamashita Park, Yokohama



Hikawa-Maru used to be a passenger ship on the north pacific line.
The ship went into service in 1930 and was designated as Japanese importat cultural property last year.


Chinese style arbor by kazu saito
Via Flickr:
NOKTON classic 40mm F1.4


Details of the Pikachu given at the Pikachu Outbreak Event in Yokohama, Japan

Pikachu is level 10 with the moves: Hold Hands, Play Nice, Teeter Dance & Happy Hour.

Pikachu will be available during the Pikachu Walk from Today until August 15. The event will be given near the walking Pikachu starting at the Queen’s Square Yokohama & end at the Grand Mall Park.

Note: This Pikachu can only be received once on Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Pikachu will also be available at the Pikachu Carnival Parade on August 14.

The event will be given from 3pm until 5pm at the Yokohama Port Post Office & Yokohama Park. Note: This Pikachu can be received multiple times as long as your Wonder Cards are not full.

anonymous asked:

Hello Mina-senpai! I just get hospitalized bcs an accident, can I request some hcs of Dazai Chuuya and Ranpo if their s/o get hit by an accident?

Oh, that’s a really coinscidence because I had an accident too (normally I should not write with a half-broken arm, but fuck this shit. I can’t sit all day doing nothing.)
So basically you mean they has to get hospitalized aswell.

Chuuya Nakahara

  • Accident or not, who was responsible for this will die a slow and painful death. Nobody should harm his partner in any way and he is furious when he find out.
  • though as a mafia member he can’t easily walk into the hospital to visit them (except his s/o is a mafia member too, then they are gotten into one of Port Mafias infirmacys instead of a hospital), but knowing Chuuya he will know some tricks. Like using his ability to walk from the outer wall at night into their window without anyone noticing.
  • a scolding is following how you could be so careless to have an accident and that you are lucky that you are only light injured / not anything heavier than this. Ah, Kouyou raised him well, because his lectures reminds you of her.
  • there is not much he can do when you need time to recover since Port Mafia doesn’t have someone with an ability like Yosano. So he just has to sit there and watch.

Osamu Dazai

  • Dazai is mad at you for having an accident - without him. That was the perfect chance for his longed double suicide. You can listen to his whining and fake cries all day during visit hours before you have to call a nurse and let him kick out. Geez..
  • but knowing Dazai, he would visit you at nighttime aswell, disguising himself as doctor (or even nurse) and watch over you 24/7 until he get dragged out by Kunikida because Dazai was missing his work days.
  • actually he cares about your well-being, that’s why he is that persistant. Dazai is a man, who always gets what he wants and when he has enough from having you into a hospital, he will get you home early. No matter if you are allowed to leave or not. He just pick you up and fled. Fuck the system.
  • he will most likely try to get Yosano to heal you, even if it means greater pain at first. But it’s still the better alternative.

Ranpo Edogawa

  • Ranpo panics, the moment he would hear you had an accident and got hospitalized. He will eat his whole sweets stuff to get rid of his anxiousness before he went to visit you. - At least he’ll try. Before he finally arrived the hospital, he was at the port, the park outside Yokohama and he even managed to walk to the railroad before he actually get picked up by someone who had mercy and brought him to the hospital - which was only across the street from the ADA building. (Am I the only one who gets reminded at Ryouga Hibiki from Ranma when thinking of Ranpos bad direction skills?)
  • when he arrives at the hospital, he tries to find your room. Though he gets distracted by the sweets when he walked past the vendor of the lunchroom. You almost fell out your bed when he entered your room with bags of sweets that you not even see his face
  • after he eaten his precious candy, he’ll clung onto you, asking you how this could happened and that you could’ve died and let him alone. Seriously, he will make such a scene that you feel guilty or annoyed. Ranpo is pretty good in making you feel this way. But that didn’t stop you from loving him, since he has some good sides aswell.
  • He begs the doctor to stay the night with you. At first you are flattered, that he can be such a romantic and wanting to take care of you the night. .. Until you find out he only says that because he forgot how to get back home or to the ADA… Ranpos best ability is to ruin such moments between you two, but the doctor has mercy and let him stay with you. At least you can cuddle him because he loves to cuddle you. So recover quickly and show this man how to get home!