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Bandaged hands flipped through the tattered pages of the book, empty eyes looking down at the words scribbled into it.

How many times had he relived the same day now?

The ticking of the clock set Dazai’s nerves on an edge. It was irritating, a reminder that the days were passing while he could do nothing but accept it. Kunikida gave him a look.

“Oi Dazai. Stop fidgeting and finish your reports. And don’t even think about making Atsushi do it for you this time.”

At the mention of his name, Atsushi slightly flushed, embarrassed that the blonde detective could instantly tell he had done Dazai’s reports for him, but also slightly pleased that Kunikida had recognized his work.

“Ehhh but Kunikida-kun. Writing reports is so tedious. I’d rather be out looking for new ways to commit suicide.”

Kunikida glared at him. “You can leave after you’ve finished your reports Dazai.

The brunet whined back. “Ehhhhhhhh.”

Dazai let out a sigh and stared out the window. Grey clouds brought a sense of foreboding rain, but he knew in about an hour, the sun would be shining through, lighting up Yokohama with its warm rays.

Atsushi glanced down at his lap.

“Dazai-san, why do you carry that book with you everywhere? It doesn’t look like your suicide manual.”

“Hm? Oh this?” Dazai cheerfully smiled back at his protégé. “That’s a secret Atsushi-kun~”

He made his way towards a cafe in the heart of Yokohama after finally escaping Kunikida’s nagging about his terrible work ethic. Lively sounds of the city surrounded him with the sounds of people’s chatter as they walked by along with the sounds of cars driving past him. The smell of fragrant coffee and freshly baked goods greeted him as he entered the cafe. Dazai placed his order and sat down at a table by the window.

A small floral decoration was placed in a delicate glass vase in the middle. A single blue rose, almost fully blossomed graced in the center of the arrangement with its presence. Dazai’s hand caressed the delicate petals gently. A beautiful light cerulean matching the color of the sky as well as…

Dazai pushed the thought from his mind and turned his attention back to walking people come and go outside the cafe, still keeping his fingers around the delicate blossom.

‘How very fitting,’ he thought.

Time trickled by as Dazai waited and continued to people watch. Small children scampered by as their parents watched them in amusement. Young high schoolers laughed merrily while eating ice cream, chatting about their endeavors at school. The brunet sipped on his coffee and stared the fragile blossom before him. Any minute now…

The bells placed at the top of the entrance chimed, alerting the store of a new customer.

Dazai turned his head and placed a bandaged head on the book he always kept close to him.

Auburn hair the color of the setting sun met his eyes.

Chuuya walked into the store, unaware of Dazai’s presence merely several feet away from him. The person by his side continued to chat, clearly pleased to have the executive’s attention. Jealousy boiled in Dazai’s blood and threatened to spill over, but he pushed it down.

Chuuya continued to respond to the other in a bright, cheerful voice. A voice that once used to call his name. A voice capable of many emotions but would always fall on his ears with a certain level fondness.

Dazai’s hands clenched into tight fists as the duo made their way to the cashier. The employee met them with an animated voice as she began to take their order. He stood up, knocking his cup down in the process and shattering it into small fragmented pieces of porcelain.

Chuuya turned around, sapphire eyes staring directly in Dazai’s direction. A sense of longing filled his senses as Dazai looked back at the only person he would ever love.

The stranger addressed the executive. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you hear something.”

“No.” The stranger turned towards the direction Chuuya was looking. “There’s nobody there.”

Chuuya continued to stare, eyes piercing into Dazai’s form but unable to see the standing brunet several feet away from him. Confusion flickered across his face.

“I could have sworn I heard-“ The executive shook his head and turned away. “Never mind.” 

An arm wrapped itself around Chuuya’s shoulders, turning his attention away from Dazai’s direction. Dazai felt jealousy surge through his blood even stronger than before as he continued to watch.  Even if he tried to approach, something would block him from physically touching Chuuya to alert him of his presence. This he already knew. He had tried it on so many previous occasions, he’d lost count now.

Doubt lingered in Chuuya’s voice as his eyes glanced back towards the direction of the unusual sound.

He readdressed his companion but kept his pale blue eyes fixed towards Dazai’s direction. A voice not completely focused on what he was saying left Chuuya’s mouth. 

“What were you ordering?”

Dazai turned back towards the table and picked up the worn book. Holding it gently in his hand, he walked out of the cafe, unaware of Chuuya’s gaze on the door after he left.

The brunet opened the front cover of the book.

May happiness be within a fingertip’s reach but always remain unobtainable.’

A sad smile crossed Dazai’s face. The single sentence written on the first page of the book cursed him to always be able to see Chuuya but never interact with him, never be able to speak the unspoken words he should have spilled when he had the chance. Now he was torn away from the redhead, stuck in a parallel dimension, able to interact with everyone but the petite executive of the Port Mafia.  

Dazai turned to the last empty page of the book and pulled out a pen. Glancing through the glass window at the one person he kept dearest to him once more, he wrote down a single word and dropped the book to the ground.



Yokohama in Magic Hour by . Yuki

Yokohama harbor lights in the twilight


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2:Taka's MC of the second day in Yokohama Stadium

Hi!I’m sorry yesterday.Text that I translated yesterday is here.
I translate a continuance today.Have fun~^^


=Taka’s MC 2=

We are no different from you guys that chase the dream.
Also you guys will have a variety of chasing dreams.
Impact that we give to you guys is very small in terms of long life.
Do you understand that I say? oh well, I think I am good… You guys may not know this yet.

But you know, life is great and terrible, and cruel sometimes.
Please do not give up….Nay,Can you give up, can you also throwing things.
Please give up to believe that there is a future which you have to believe your own ahead.

There are many that we can be changed!Age and gender does not matter at all.
The next song! It is a song that we have the hope.Darkness is as changes to the light for you tomorrow.


Taka said, “Please take out the mobile phone and to turn on the LED

Yokohama Stadium began to light in the LED on the mobile phone.

I was very very impressed!!

And Taka said, “Please believe any small light!

Be the Light began.


That’s all.Thank you for reading:D


riverside oden cart by kazu saito
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