6 (subpar) selfies of 2016 bc I was tagged by @arfie

This year has literally been… the biggest shitshow of my entire life but also some… really nice things have happened. I met Izzy, I did really well in uni and wrote a really fun feature article, I made and developed a lot of cool and loving friendships, I took a hastily planned trip to Tanzania and hiked through a valley to a waterfall, I started drinking coffee, I stopped wearing eyeliner and mostly gave up on bending myself over backwards to look a way I’m never going to… I mean like, 2016 can still get fucked but like… Mr. Brightside by the Killers.

Blanket tag really but like especially @paigematthewsisanaquarius and also like… @vvrgo @nu-li @whitenectarines @i-killed-yoko-ono I don’t think I’ve seen you do it yet so if you’d like to I’m tagging you lmao :-))

eito at a fancy resteraunt

yoko: mm! bone apple tea!
yasu: what does that mean
yoko: “ enjoy your meal “ in spanish
ryo: its actually french… and its bon appetit
subaru: bone agh bee tight!
yoko: bone apple tea!
ryo: guys..
yasu: blond amputee!
okura: blind refugees!
hina: boney austalian feet!
maru: boing application!
ryo: its bon appetit…
maru: osteoporosis!
ryo: how does osteoporosis sound like bon appe-
subaru: osteoporosis!
yasu: osteoporisis!
okura: stop crying on the food ryo you did this on thanksgiving too

This is a Christmas present to the entire Detective Conan fandom. Enjoy the first song parody of a Christmas song. It may not be the best in the world, but I did my best. 

Lyrics by @boku-awww-crap
Performed by me
Based on “Christmas Song” by Nat King Cole


Mouri’s working on an open file

Conan’s pushing his glasses up his nose

Yoko’s songs are being sung with style

And there’s been a murder, as it goes

Everybody knows Conan and evidence

Help to make this case right

Tiny tots and their recklessness

Will find it hard to avoid any fright

They know the murderer almost got away

And he killed someone they met that day

And Rei is still going to spy

On the Detective Boys and Ai

And so I’m stating this simple phrase

To fans and all amateur sleuths

Although it’s been said many times, many ways

There can only be one truth

the guy who bullied yuri when they were kids but now works at the rink w Yoko and their triplets …… now he’s cool and supportive and he and yuri are like friends like he Genuinly cares abt yuri …….what kind of soft healing message is that tf too pure too good