the first nier is actually a spinoff of Ending E of drakengard, wherein the game’s protag and the game’s final boss cross dimensions and land in modern-day tokyo, and both are killed and turn into magical particles which cause a worldwide apocalypse 

yoko taro, one of the directors of the drakengard series and the director of the nier series, did not actually tell the other developers of drakengard that he was putting this ending in. they weren’t aware of this ending’s existence until the game was ready for release, and when they found out, every single person aside from yoko taro hated it and wanted it taken out

Yoko Taro likes to put the same symbols and patterns in all of his games so I just took one idea and went with it.

2B reminds me of Kaine mixed with One or Manah. 9S reminds me of Emil, and both are shota like Seere. Of course, Seere is related to One, as well. Then the red eye thing starts with one and appears back in Nier: Automata.

And it all started with little ‘ol Zero~ :3

I love Yoko Taro’s games because of how deep they are, but also because they are all vaguely related.

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Who's your favorite whire haired character?

Ah, so it seems someone has noticed my fondness for white hair. Hm, favorite character… Probably one of Yoko Taro’s ladies, though I can’t really decide which one.




Hmmm… tough choice, tough choice… Oh hold on, how could I be so blind? The obvious answer would be: …

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Hey so you mentioned that in the Norman book Yoko talks about the "sex tape" audio (the one where John is moaning Paul's name apparently?) do you have the quote from Yoko about that? Idk where to actually find the book and I'd love to hear what she said about that audio.

(…) From chance remarks he had made, she gathered there had even been a moment when – on the principle that bohemians should try everything – John had contemplated an affair with Paul, but had been deterred by Paul’s immovable heterosexuality. Nor, apparently was Yoko the only one to have picked up on this. Around Apple, in her hearing, Paul would sometimes be called John’s Princess. She had also once heard a rehearsal tape with John’s voice calling out “Paul … Paul …’ in a strangely subservient, pleading way. “I knew there was something going on there,’ she remembers. “From his point of view, not from Paul’s. And he was so angry at Paul, I couldn’t help wondering what it was really about.“ ~ From Philip Norman’s biography about John Lennon.

Paul “immovable heterosexuality”


GURREN LAGANN (天元突破グレンラガン) Character Designs, Part 7: This time mecha(nical) ones. Yoko Littner’s sniper rifle (+ gloves, scarf, bra, chopsticks) by Atsushi Nishigori (錦織 敦史) ! (X)

Reasons why I (personally) believe Cynthia Lennon is fierce:

  • Intelligent and Independent: She went to college when most women didn’t, worked, and had her own flat. She also later learned how to drive before her husband, and often drove herself into London. 
  • Talented: She was a brilliant artist in her own right.
  • Sassy: Despite her “good girl” image, she was actually quite fiesty (who just so happened to crack John Lennon over the head with a bread board, protected her family from  potential intruders when her husband was too scared to do anything, and had to be pulled out of a chip shop - by John - when she mouthed off at bunch of teddy boys).
  • No Nonsense: She turned the tables on John during their divorce proceedings and sued HIS ass.
  • Strong: She protected her child, no matter what, and raised him primarily as a single, working mother.
  • Loving and Passionate: She gave up her career for her husband and child but later returned to her art and said she preferred to work.
  • Funny: She’s freaking hilarious. (e.g. when asked if she could ask Yoko Ono one question about John Lennon, she replied with, “How was the bread?”)
  • The Woman Behind John Lennon: Her support, encouragement and unconditional love skyrocketed John Lennon’s confidence, and his group, out of Liverpool to worldwide success.

Source of Photo: Cynthia Powell Lennon Yahoo Group

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Personally, I find it hard to believe that Yoko was brainwashing John like a lot of people say. John had a very strong personality, he was a rebel his entire life and I strongly believe that everything John did was because he wanted to do it, not because he was forced or manipulated. I think even allowing Yoko to like take over and do his job in the Beatles was entirely his decision. Maybe because he really wanted to piss Paul off.

John had a strong personality?!??? really??? he was the most insecure man in the world, he literally became the personality he lived with. He pretended to be a rebel but he was scared of everything. He had the most horrible and cruel childhood ever and his pain turned into rage that became his cope mechanism. He never grew up, at 40 he was still the scared child who needed an answer for his mother’s loss. The rebellion was a mask he wore on plane air cause he was too scared to let himself be who he really was. Behind the cold, rebel, tough mask there was a desperate man who needed to be loved. Yoko was the strong one, she turned his life around, taking advantage of his fame to achieve her personal success, all the ‘war is over’ ‘hair peace’ ‘bed peace’, that’s not John, that’s Yoko, using John to reinforce the idea of John&Yoko team, to delete as soon as possible the image of John Lennon the Beatles guy, the man who wrote songs with Paul McCartney. If John was strong enough as you say, he would have come back to London in 1975, when he left Yoko, when he said he wanted to leave her and come back to Paul, but he didn’t, cause Yoko didn’t let him. If he was strong enough, he would have let himself see his son Julian, but he didn’t, cause Yoko didn’t let him, he would have called Paul, met him, but he couldn’t. And you know why? Yes, cause she never let him. Now come back and tell me how strong he was cause he wore leather jacket and used to sing rock’n’roll. 

NieR Automata Q&A

To Yosuke Saito, Producer of NieR Automata

  • Is there a possibility of a NieR Remaster or Re-Release? “There is a very high possibility if NieR Automata sells like hotcakes, yes.”
  • How long is NieR Automata? “To get to the true ending, the team tells me around 25 hours. For completionists, it’ll be around 55 to 60 hours.”
  • Will there be extra costumes? “That’s a secret!”
  • Will there be multiple endings? “Of course, but they won’t be unlocked in the same way as the previous game. You’ll have to figure out how to get them on your own.”

To Takahisa Taura, Designer from Platinum Games

  • Any Updates on the PC Version? “We’re working hard on it, but if I said anything, ninjas from SE would try to kill me, so I’ve got nothing to announce.”
  • Is a Switch Port Planned? “If SE pays us for it, we’ll make it - we’ll even make it for the super nintendo.”
  • Will there be Easter Eggs in the game? (Like 2B Petting her Pod with the Touch Pad.) “Yes, there will be many like that throughout the game.”
  • Was the Demo part of the game, or seperate? “It happens in the game, but there are events both before and after.”
  • Will Automata switch Genres like the original NieR did? (i.e: Text Adventure) “Yoko-san had to put in another text adventure just because people hated the first one.”

To Yoko Taro, Director of NieR: Automata

  • Please Sum up Automata in one Sentence. “It’s the one that’s not Final Fantasy.”
  • Has 2B’s popularity caught you off guard? “I had no idea she’d be this popular! No idea!”
  • How will the characters develop over the course of the story? “It’ll be something good like all Square Enix JRPGs!”
  • Will this be the last NieR? “No idea!”
  • Will you team up with Platinum again in the future? “If SE pays me, I’ll do anything they want!”
  • Do you have a face in there? or the Emil Mask already consumed you? “More important than that, it’s so hot in here I’m about to die!”
  • Do you have a message for the fans? “I wouldn’t expect too much from this game if I were you.”
Yoko Taro is easily one of the most fun and likeable people in the gaming industry

I love this man to pieces. He was so much fun to talk to during the Meet&Greet event in Hamburg. Way more easy going than most other japanese developers I had the pleasure talking to. 

I’m currently enjoying the living hell out of Nier: Automata, so I really really hope that he keeps making his games. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: who is the single android responsible for coming up with the yorHa project? the one yoko Taro brought up in the interview from the guide book. Was it really to boost morale? Did they have ulterior motives? Did the devola and popola models that sent the human genome to the moon collaborate with them? Who-

“I think that everybody owes it to the world to prove they have pubic hair. You’ve done it, and I tell you that I applaud you for it.”

[Satirical cartoonist, Al Capp, arguing with John at Bed Peace, Montreal, ahead of the recording of Give Peace A Chance]

“If you watch some of the great footage in Imagine you see the cartoonist Al Capp. He comes into the bed-in and he’s really bitter. He’s a wicked old git, but John’s brilliant with him. John really wants to deck him but you can see he controls himself. I think John behaved very well there, because the guy is actually slagging off Yoko – and that’s one thing you don’t do. You don’t slag off someone’s missus – that’s tribal time, isn’t it? I think John was very good. It was: ‘Let’s not sink to his level.'”

[Paul, Anthology]

John, with Yoko and Kyoko, recording Give Peace A Chance at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Canada on the 1st June, 1969.