He is a pig (Draco x Reader)

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-Good morning Y/N-I said as i left a little kiss on her forehead and took her hand.

-Morning Draco-she said caressing my hand with her thumb.

-I missed you last night.

-Sorry dear , I was tutoring Flint , you know Marcus sucks at potions-she laugh a little.

-Okay-I said pulling her close to me-maybe you can tutor me tonight-she smiled.

-I’m busy love , another time , ok?-she said leaving a fragil kiss on my lips.

The classes went by pretty quickly , Y/N was so intelligent , there was no doubt on why Snape had asigned her to tutor Flint , I looked at her at lunch intertwining my fingers with hers , she looked up to me and placed her head in my shoulder , she was so beatiful , i leave a kiss at her forehead-i have to go.

-Quidditch-she gave me a cute grin-I know , take care.

I nod and said goodbye , she understand me , sometimes we didnt even have to talk , just a quick glance a touch , it was perfect

I rush to the quidditch dressing room , but as i was entering i heard Marcus laugh-she is gonna be mine , i told you , by the end of the weekend she’s gonna be mine.

-She’s Dracos girlfriend-said Crab.

-Well now she would be mine , have you seen her? Her body , her looks , i wanna see all of hers , and when i want something i get it.

That was it i could feel anger rushing through my body as i entered de room-the only thing you’re getting is your ass kick-i said as i punched him right in his face-how dare you to talk of her like that-Crab and Goyle took me by the arms.

-You’re dead Malfoy-he said as blood began to flow from his nose.

They let me free and the duel began -CONFRINGO!-he said as i dodge.

-OPUGNO!-I said throwing a big broom closset to him.

-Damm you Malfoy , LEVICORPUS!-he said as I flew across the room .

-REDUCTO-i yell as he was getting up.

-EXPELLIARMUS-I heard as my wand flew to Snapes hand-There would be removed 10 points from slytherin , and the rest of you quit the complaints or there would be 20 , take this two to the nursery right now-he said with his curt voice and Crab and Goyle help me stand up and took me to the nursery as Snape has said.

-If you even look at her , just a little glance I’ll kill you Flint-he couldn’t even look at me

Madam Pomfrey said i was fine , just some cuts and bruises , but then she entered the nursery just like a lost puppy , and when our eyes meet i saw her Y/E/C eyes with some tears and i hated myself a little-What were you thinking?-i heard as her voice crack.

-He deserved it-i smiled-I’m fine dont you worry dear.

-I don’t care if he deserved it , he could have hurt you-she said caressing my cheek.

-He was trying to steal my girl.

-You’re crazy love.

-Nobody has the right to say anything to you-i said remembering the way he was talking abour her-he is a pig.

-Sure he is-she said nodding with her head-You’re a hopeless case , you know?

-But , I’m YOUR hopeless case-i grinned.

-Well yes-she laugh.

-And you’re mine

-Of couse-She took my hand and kissed my forehead-I’ll always be.

-Then everything is okay.

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