yoko onoâs band

George Harrison with The Plastic Ono Band at the Lyceum, London, 15 December 1969

“The Plastic Ono Band played ‘Cold Turkey’ at London’s Lyceum Ballroom on Monday night. It was John Lennon’s first live appearance in Britain with his part-time Plastic group (George Harrison joined in too) - writes Alan Smith.
Lennon rolled and raved in his white suit and screamed his blood-curdling screams, across a stage on which stood Eric Clapton, Bonnie And Delaney, Billy Preston, Keith Moon and more.” - NME, 20 December 1969

“That was the craziest thing I ever went through. George [Harrison] was the one who talked me into it. He said to me, ‘You guys want to be in the Plastic Ono Band tonight?’ I said, ‘I don’t know any of those songs.’ He said, ‘You don’t have to. Don’t worry about it.’ We started playing and there was this sack on the floor out there, and I kept poking George, saying, ‘What’s in the sack?’ All he’d say was, ‘You’ll see in a minute.’ Next I asked, ‘What key is the first one in?’ and he said, ‘It don’t matter.’ I thought he was pulling my leg again, then all of a sudden Yoko [Ono] was like a snake coming out of that sack, and she was going ‘woo-oo,’ shrieking. George was laughing his ass off at me - we were playing so loud that we blew all those old Orange amps up. I blew mine first and he said, ‘Just plug it into mine.’” - Delaney Bramlett, While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison by Simon Leng