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I have really rosy cheeks and an overall rosy complexion, which is great for female characters. However, I prefer crossplay and rosy cheeks just don't make the cut for most male characters. The only way I've come close to hiding my blush is nearly seven layers of foundation and concealer, but that just hurts and cracks my skin. Plus, only ivory foundation works. And my skin is more tan, so it looks unnatural and sickly. What can I do to hide my blush without overdosing on makeup?

Color-correcting concealer / primer  

A green corrective concealer / primer will neutralize red tones like a lavender one will neutralize yellow bruises or under-eye circles and a yellow/apricot color covers bluish issues like bruises and under-eye circles and mild red tones.

You will probably want to try the green one, you won’t need too much. Just enough to cancel out the rosiness. And just add your normal foundation on top of it.