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anonymous asked:

I adore powerful female characters in fiction. I think you're one of the best there is. Do you think the strength of your character is suffering or benefiting from your skimpy outfit and rad curves? Are they objectifying or liberating features? Do you think they contribute to your badassery or dampen it? Do you enjoy being cumshot fodder on rule34, or do you demand respect!? I'm just curious to what you make of all this from a feminist perspective!

First off, wow thank you! 

Now on to the serious stuff. I don’t really think it affects me as a person or the fact I can take down multiple gunmen by myself. My clothes might be skimpy. Sure it caused some issues with me when I was younger, but I grew to deal with it, and not let the fact I got stares and certain comments bother me.

To be honest, I think it shows more of the character of the person who just sees my clothes and not what I can actually do. My clothes do not make me who I am, they’re certainly symbolic, but they do not define who I am or what I am. Personally though I think they help with my badass-ness, and very rarely does it hurt my character…but it does still happen.

Of course when the perverted things do happen I will demand respect or else they get to deal with the business end of my rifle. 

Wow that was long, basically I think its liberating and helps me feel bad ass and if someone’s got a problem with it or can’t see past cleavage and butt they can talk to my rifle.