yoko & john

In 2009 Gallagher got a call to visit Ono at the Dakota Building, the apartment block in New York where she lived with John Lennon from 1973 until Lennon was shot, outside the building, in 1980.
“It was eight in the morning and I thought, ‘F*** this, man. I don’t know if I can go up there,’ ” says Gallagher, who once claimed to be the reincarnation of John Lennon, despite being aged eight when Lennon died. “But I had a couple of drinks, went down, and the geezer at the door goes, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Liam Gallagher, mate.’ I go to the ninth floor, flat 72, and who’s standing there? F***ing Yoko Ono.”
Gallagher, 44, describes declining Ono’s invitation to have a tinkle on Lennon’s piano (“because I can’t f***ing play the thing”) before taking up her offer of a cup of tea and rich tea biscuits, only to drop an entire biscuit into his drink by mistake. Ono expressed concern that Gallagher’s son Lennon might get a hard time from the other kids at school, but Liam reassured her that Lennon Gallagher is a top name and he would be fine. Then he noticed the Japanese writing on the cornices.
“I asked her what it meant and she said, ‘Funny you should mention that. John saw it at my parents’ house and liked it so I put it round our gaff,’ ” he recalls, perhaps not using Ono’s exact words. “It means, ‘While I’ve been hibernating I’ve been gathering my wings.’ So now I’ve put it in a new tune of mine called All I Need. Been trying for years to use that line and then — bingo.”  
- Liam Gallagher, The Times (24 June 2017)