I love Temmie and her work. Go check it out to discover little tidbits like the following.

As you probably know, one of the many things Temmie did in Undertale was the art for those opening sepia flashbacks.

What you probably didn’t know, is that the wonderful Temmie has years of stunning work in practically every style and medium possible posted on her blog that I will tag in this post. She also has a cast of very interesting original characters, one the the most commonly drawn being Yokii, a ginger haired girl with antennae (not ears, I found an old work of hers labeling them as antennae) wings, and a tail with a forked end.

Now while admiring the into images I noticed something strange. Next to the Migosp in the background… Something with strangely familiar antennae and a familiar bang of hair. Those antennae appear right in the bottom middle of the other image from the prospective of the monsters side of the army.

@temmiechang you glorious sneaky artist.

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY (a week early LOL orz) @tuyoki!!! Temmiee!!! You are always so nice and sweet to me !! Your art/hard work always inspires me to draw hehe. I’m really happy that we are friends. I always enjoy talking to you, hanging out and drawing with you! I’m really glad we met in NY in December and I hope to meet again someday.Hope your birthday will be an amazing one *v* 

I am in love with tuyoki’s ocs! They are so simple and unique! Yokii is my favorite character of hers. This is also a gift art because she drew my monster character Grimly so perfectly and well done. I know you said I don’t have to draw something for you back but I wanted to. I will draw your ocs again in the future because I am a big fan of your stuff. ^wwwww^
Yokii belongs to tuyoki