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oh miss


I somehow made him Look a little less like a biker by making his pants longer. I winged it on the rifle. I’ve drawn, like, 3 guns my entire life (thank you google<3).

he still has a dumb face… I couldn’t change it. I didn’t know how.

I can’t believe I’m hitting such an incredible milestone. I feel SO incredibly humbled to have this many people following me, who enjoy this blog, or enjoy my writing… that love Gin as much as I do… I started this blog before Gin revealed this true intentions in the manga and let me tell you, it has been one hell of a ride. Roleplaying Gin certainly takes its toll on me; the ups and downs, the amount he keeps hidden inside, that really just… eats away at him… it really, truly eats away at me too. His pain has become my own, in SO many ways… but loving him as a character, and understanding his motives… his sadistic and manipulative ways of lashing out… knowing these things about him only encourages, and MOTIVATES me to give him a life where he isn’t left so unfulfilled.

I want you all to know that I appreciate every single one of you––– you have ALL made this experience so incredibly special to me. Coming back after a year long hiatus only to be greeted with OPEN ARMS has been so heart-wrenching and utterly inspiring. I’m never able to escape the grasp of the Bleach fandom for very long––– it always sucks me right back in, haha. And this time, mark my words: I’m stickin’ around indefinitely.

This is a big shout-out to all that inspire me, day in and day out. Some of you I’ve already written with, while there are others here that I’m dying to plot with. You’re all so fantastic and I’m HONORED to be sharing the same platform with you.

@abaevum  /  @aestui  /  @albinosin /  @apersurewhynot  /  @aquiilarum  /  @arraneous  /  @awakyning  /  @brideofsparda /  @casshewrn  /  @canniibalisms  /  @chalceum  /  @chthanic  /  @comawhxte  /  @cosmother  /  @cxrbstomp  /  @deos-aquam  /  @despairforme  /  @diamondhortensia  /  @digital-missiles  /  @dropdeadgroovy  /  @ermachtigen  /  @etiustitiam  /  @finelendal  /  @flcraison  /  @floiice  /  @floretherus  /  @fvnrir /  @ghoulpatch  /  @gingerbvck  /  @gluttcn  /  @gorisei /  @gun-yoken  /  @h-e-i-k-a  /  @helxel  /  @hirxko  /  @huncinesolem  /  @hushedillusion  /  @ichikaras  /  @ichinosc  /  @ichxgo  /  @invow  /  @jorouguumo  /  @jujigunkishi  /  @kagekiha  /  @kaiinojoo   /  @kamiinote  /  @kenpacni   /  @kiraahachi /  @kinbenna  /  @ladypasque  /  @lanzadxr  /  @liividus  /  @maitreyaring  /  @mistveined  /  @mothersins  /  @mubouna  /  @muyuun  /  @nacml  /  @nanakorobi  /  @oni-analyst  /  @ofsomnixm  /  @orbitxngxmoon  / @oorigamii  /  @organdoom  /  @patereius  /  @poiised  /  @popokki  /  @princesa–serpiente  /  @rctsu  /  @rxngikumxtsumoto   /  @ryvled  /  @serenading-sins  /  @shukei  /  @sozosa  /  @six-petals  /  @soshireikan  /  @spaticm  /  @spraypaintpunk  /  @the-octava  /  @toketsuu  /  @tefechi  /  @trepadora  /  @unchainably  /  @unworthyof  /  @vcidqueen  /  @venomoustigress  /  @verlcten  /  @vespxrs  /  @vicieuxs  /  @voidmancer  /  @wanotorii  /  @wxip  /  @wyntrbones


                Hᴜɴᴄɪɴᴇsᴏʟᴇᴍ·s 600+ Bɪᴀs Lɪsᴛ!!

Okay, so I’m gonna try not to be too gross and sappy with this, but I want to truly thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me && this loser for so long ( even those of you that have just followed today ). No amount of words can completely convey the amount of joy each and every one of you place within my heart, and I want to remind you all that even if your name doesn’t happen to be on this list, it doesn’t make you any less precious to me. So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!!


These are people that I have grown especially close to that I will follow to the ends of the Earth no matter what.

@aquiilarum​: Ila, you are the absolute cheese to my macaroni and I don’t know where this blog would have gone without you. I cannot imagine this blog without your Aizen gracing and teasing Ichigo day in and day out. Writing and shipping with you has been an utter dream and I am eternally grateful to have found a friend in you. May we never drift apart. 

@talece: Snow!! I will admit, your Turles kinda scared me for a little while; I was constantly going back and forth about whether I would actually muster up the courage to follow you, and I am so ecstatic that I did. Watching Ichigo and Turles’s relationship develop has truly been one of the best experiences of my roleplaying career and I want to thank you so much for giving it to me. You and Turles are absolute perfection.

@exacuo / @iirishhound: Spooks, you have given me endless laughs and company over the course of the couple months of our friendship. You never fail to pick me up when I’m down and I’d be lying if I said I don’t get at least a little excited to see you pop up on my dash, whether you’re writing with me or not. I love you to pieces and I hope we can continue being friends, no matter what other fandoms we may join.

@pumpupblonde: How could I ever forget about my beautiful and utterly astounding senpai? Honestly, Alex, if it hadn’t been for you, I probably would have never felt at home in this fandom; I probably would have never decided to remain here four years ago, and I wouldn’t have made all of the amazing friends that I know have in the leach fandom. Even though we don’t talk nearly as much as we used to in the past, I still consider you as one of my very best friends and I want you to know that should you ever need me, I will com running without hesitation ( you still have my number, I think ). You are an undoubtedly gorgeous person inside and out, and I will personally put an end to anyone that tries to tell you differently. I love you. ♥

                                          BEEBS AND DUCKLINGS

Everyone else that has done nothing but enhance my entire experience on this fantastic journey called roleplaying.

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