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sagecat123  asked:

Do you have anything about Kitsune in your Aus ?

Kitsune Aus! Kitsune are ‘fox demons’ of japanese folklore and ‘Yokai folklore’  Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. In Yokai folklore it is thought all foxes can turn into humans, I will be using this portrayal in these aus and some folklore depict the human form as having 9 tails.

- Person A is a kitsune and Person B is a prideful/ignorant/greedy merchant, A has been hired/told to teach B a lesson. B is surprisingly well informed on Kitsune and after a couple of tricks realises A’s identity.

-”You are going through troubling times currently so in order to make you feel better I sent a will-O-wisp which you need to follow to this party I set up- WAIT DON’T RUN AWAY- wait how did you resist it’s pull?”

- Kitsune keep their promises and strive to repay any favor. For Person A this is a serious issue as this B keeps coming home with stolen goods and money out of loyalty and lack of ‘human morality.’

-Kitsune that are sold off to high up families, the more kitsune the more ‘power’ a family has.

-In British/European mythology Foxes are thought to use Fox Glove flowers as bells to warn other foxes. Faries are also thought to haunt these plants and possibly curse or attack individuals that approach. Person A is a Kitsune and is ‘enemies’ with B a fairy who prefers isolation to much else. Or Person A and B ‘fight off’ people that fox hunters together and keep all the kitsune safe from harm.

-I am a kisune and you are a uni student who just saved me but honestly just wants to do well and sleep and I keep fucking up in trying to help you out.

-Stop using my tails as an umbrella. 

-My tails are sensitive and some people are ruse and will touch them anyway, like excuse me???

-I am a kitsune and I’m visiting a Kitsune shrine/temple and what do you mean you have been awaiting my arrival preisty person ???

-Turns out your a kitsune and we are married and that is bad and now they are trying to drag you away.

-”I have been haunted my entire life at first I thought it was under dog luck but you say I have been sinful and maybe I am being haunted by Kitsune and I am trying to change but thats very hard when what ever is causing this is very persistant!”

-A (Kitsune) ships B and C and is constantly trying to get them together.

-Yes this is definitly my pet fox and not a kitsune who won’t leave me alone. Yes.

-Why are you so strong?

-Why are you so fast?

-You keep getting A*s (8s/9s) in tests/exams and its really annoying.

-You just got poisoned but are walking around like nothing happened like ?? what are you doing this wasn’t supposed to happen!

-You are drunk and- Why do you have a fox tail???

-As a human I express my emotions a lot through my tail and accidnetly knocked that vase on to the floor.

-Yako are said to be mischevious and Zenko are thought to be benevolent as you can imagine this causes are large gap between sides and love between them is often seen as deviant or is illegal.