yoite kid


okAY BUT. imagine if kazuho and her husband ever had a kid.

uncle yukimi who bitches up a storm about how much he hates children
uncle yukimi who says he’d rather chop off his remaining arm than ever be stuck on babysitting duty
but uncle yukimi who actually loves this kid to pieces because holy shit that’s his lil’ baby sisters lil’ baby

he would absolutely spoil that kid rotten. boy or girl. he would definitely try and do their hair if they ever asked because of his experience with yoite, he’s apparently a fan of baseball so he’d totally try and teach them to catch and play ball, and this bitch would love to play peek-a-boo. and just play around in general like the big ol’ doof he is.

just keep him at arms length when the kid hits their mouthy stage bc he is snippy and talks before he thinks and this poor child would absolutely come home repeating bad words that should not be known, and kazuho would have to kill him