He’s the product of Strawberry and Chocolate. Yoishi Saotome/Kimizuki if he wants to change his name up. He loves to follow Michiro around because he’s super shy. He’s sweet and kind like his cinnamon roll father and he has great domestic skills and the brains of his hot headed Papa. Yoishi doesn’t like it when Shiren and Gyurei pick on Michiro so he tries picking a fight with them and losing. He sees good in everyone, he just thinks that when problems are brought onto someone else out of anger is sad. Meaning he can put up with Shiren’s and Gyurei’s bullshit. He also likes to babysit Yuumi because she’s so good when he comes to visit (bcuz he don’t knoooowww). He’s mine, and pls draw him if you want to! I’m honestly quite terrible ’^^)/ so ya


The horror begins!