hey yo

im okay with rich people spending their shit money on fun stuff because i know and u all know that if we were hella rich we’d want to treat ourselves, too.

but where does it end? i understand getting one or maybe two nice cars?? but why do you need 5 houses when u don’t live in 4 of them?? why do you need a yacht halfway across the world that you’ve never even SEEN?? why do you need 12 nice cars that YOUR DON’T EVEN USE just SITTING in some room in your house for only you and a few guests to see???

honestly??? fuck that??? buy yourself a nice house, buy yourself a nice car or a big ass tv and then GO HOME. give your money to people that need it to live. ESPECIALLY if you’re still fucking working and making money?? the fuck is wrong with some ppl.

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im dave strider
youve probably heard of me before
if not where the fuck have you been
living under a rock
try a whole goddamn cairn
not those pissy towers you make at the beach
take a photo of it
youre feeling inspirational
slap a quote on there its going on instagram
no were talking big motherfucking piles
twenty feet high sprawling out on all sides
climb to the top
start digging
keep digging its gonna be a long fucking day
found something whats this
oh its a dead guy from the stone age
what the fuck is he doing here
get that corpse to a museum bro
keep digging
and look at that theres you
under all these goddamn rocks how long you been here
looking out all bleary eyed whats that you say
its the fucking sun
now take my motherfucking hand were getting your ass out into the real world

just send me questions and ill answer when i have the time
bein a knight of time youd think its pretty simple but well see