TOO MUCH FEELS IN THESE PICTURES! Only Yoh can cause Anna to blush like that. ☺ And that’s love right there kids!

Damnit Takei! This should’ve been the beginning of an amazing love triangle! Hao finally seemed serious enough for it to be a possibility. Oh well, I gues it can only exist in my dreams.
And oh, did I mention THE FEELS?!

p.s. that kick should’ve affected the nuts Hao’s so proud of, right? 😱😁😂


Hao to Anna- “I’m really interested in you. You are suited to be the Shaman King’s wife.”

AND I JUST MELTED RIGHT THERE!!! OHMYGOSH!!! HAO IS GORGEOUS! SO GORGEOUS IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! And he’s charming if he really wants to be! And Anna, oh Anna. THIS GIRL’S GOT GUTS! She actually hit him! She can totally hold her own against Hao! (But that was to be expected of her. Of course she being awesome)

BUT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY INTERESTING IF THEY ACTUALLY HAD A LOVE TRIANGLE!!! My fantasies are running wild here! Maybe Yoh could finally express his true feelings toward Anna and Hao would do anything just to get Anna’s attention! OHMYGOSH! My heart would explode with too much feels! I can’t take it anymore I NEED A FANFIC OF THIS!!!