A new YOHIOloid demo is out!!!

This song uses both the Japanese and English voicebanks and it by the lovely Aki Glancy (Empath-P) 

This song shows how strong his voice can be at a very good pitch and Aki has described using YOHIOloid as extremily easy to tune but please keep in mind Aki has had a lot of experience with Vocaloids


I have never cared for what other people think. I went in 6th grade when I started to listen to this kind of music. At that time I wore makeup and extreme clothes sometimes. It was not like people accepted me, but I didn’t care a bit. Nowadays I wear more normal clothes. When you work a lot with hair and makeup in the band, it becomes more like a job.


Everybody stopped. It was just a little trend. But to me, it has evolved to something. I never stopped, I continued… To me it’s sort of like a ‘revenge’, from my personal side. Like “Okay, so you thought I was a fag. Mhm. Look at me now, I’m standing here with full makeup and a dress. What do you say now? People love it, and I get money from it. And what have you done with your life?”.. I strike back against the ones that tried to bring me down when i was little.