Take a broken girl, treat her like a famous princess, give her the best seats in the house. Buy her coffee and cigarettes for the coming down, books and bathroom things for the days ahead. Tell her something true when all she’s known are lies. Tell her God loves her. Tell her about forgiveness, the possibility of freedom, tell her she was made to dance in white dresses. All these things are true.
—  Jamie Tworkowski - ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’
[SFW] Baby Headcannons for Soldier/Genji/Road/Rein

Soldier 76

  • Assumes the role of Dad 76 after the first positive pee test
  • Goes out and buys every book in the parenting section
  • Plus a small collection of dad jokes
  • challengeaccepted.gif
  • You have to remind him not to tell everyone until the second trimester
  • But the socks’n’crocs give it away
  • He spends every spare moment at the hardware store
  • Not because he’s trying to build a crib by hand
  • But because he bought one from IKEA and it’s impossible to put together
  • Missing half the damn pieces
  • Fucking astrological chart for instructions and shit
  • He’s never discouraged though
  • Sometimes you catch him staring at you
  • And he’s like
  • You’re just so beautiful. I love you so much. I just… Need to appreciate you…
  • Wants to name the baby Jack Jr.
  • If it’s a girl you pick but supports Jaqueline or some variant
  • He just loves this baby so much
  • Like, if this little girl wants to wear a tutu to the grocery store, he’s going in one too
  • Peter Pan and Wendy every Halloween
  • Or Ash and Pikachu
  • Costume game on point yo
  • He video tapes the birth
  • Tries to narrate it like David Attenborough but you put a stop to that shit real quick
  • Cuts the cord while taking a selfie with the doctor
  • Cries like the baby he’s holding
  • Falls asleep that first night home with his hand in the crib

Genji Shimada

  • I hope you have room
  • For all the things
  • From every store
  • Because he is going to shower this baby with material things
  • Uncle Hanzo will be spending plenty of time at the house too
  • And he’s buying the finest clothes for the little dumpling
  • Genji rubs your feet every night
  • Becomes super over cautious
  • Kinda polices what you eat and drink and do
  • You have to tell him to back off a bit
  • Extra foot rubs that day
  • He does all the cutsey things with your big belly
  • Draws kitty faces on it
  • Sings to it
  • Takes progress pictures with you
  • He floods social media with all the updates
  • Spends afternoons wondering what kind of personality they will have
  • Secretly worries he’s not ready
  • Or that the kid will be ashamed of a cyborg father
  • Needs reassurance that everything is okay
  • He waits outside the delivery room
  • Tries to stay calm
  • Maybe meditates with Zenyatta
  • Absolutely loses his shit when the baby comes
  • Picks the first name he can think of after seeing your child for the first time
  • Worships the ground you walk on for bringing this beautiful life into the world
  • Stays up all night watching you and the baby sleep
  • Handles all overnight feeding and changing


  • Never wanted to be a father
  • Has a hard time accepting it
  • Uses his work as an escape
  • But then Jamison gets wind of it…
  • And holy shit
  • He shows Roadie the light
  • Hog cooks and cleans for you
  • Gives you money to get pampered like the queen you are
  • Thinks pregnancy is this huge unnatural burden
  • You roll along with it
  • Is super concerned with you and baby’s health
  • Wants desperately for everything to go smoothly
  • Praying for a little girl
  • Couldn’t handle another boy, you already have Junkrat
  • Wants to spend his days doing her hair and playing with makeup
  • But also teach her how to throw a tomahawk because that’s the kinda guy he is
  • Loves to meet up with the other dads for playdates
  • Him and Soldier fight over the grill master title
  • It’s him
  • Soldier burns the burgers every time
  • Is constantly pranked by Jamie and Toddler
  • With a little help from mom of course
  • But he loves it
  • Helps draw fake tattoos with magic marker
  • So she can look just like daddy
  • He’s so proud of her
  • The best days end with the family watching a movie together
  • Falling asleep on the couch
  • Then waking up late for midnight snacks


  • Words cannot express how excited he is to be a father
  • Would go door to door if you let him
  • Asks Lucio how to download the Tweeter and Facespace so he can share the good news
  • Takes charge or designing the baby’s room
  • Paints a mural right from all his favorite fairy tales
  • Builds everything from scratch
  • Has a new book to read every night for the next 3 years
  • He doesn’t quite care about the details
  • But loves the idea of being a father and making memories
  • Goes to every lamaze class with you
  • Breathes harder than all the other women there
  • Champion childbirther here
  • The big day finally comes
  • And he’s got like, 6 suitcases in the car
  • Ready for anything
  • One bag is just for books
  • Spends like an hour deciding what the first story should be
  • Seriously conflicted
  • You pick The Three Little Pigs
  • Coaches you through your labor
  • Wipes the sweat from your brow
  • Gets a little queasy when the baby pops out all slimed up
  • Stays strong for you
  • Hovers protectively over the doctors trying to see what they’re doing
  • Sheds a joyful tear when he holds his son for the first time
Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader - home. pt 2.

Thranduil X Male!Elf!Reader
part 2
warnings: sexual themes, there is smut yo
he/him pronouns used for reader
**not really set during any time period, but obviously when thranduil is king + after legolas born, duh

part 1

You were coming up on your third century when you returned to your home. To be more precise, you were 283 when you returned to Mirkwood, and you were very much a changed man.

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highschool! au jungkook.
  • an aspiring astronomer
  • on the school dance crew 
  • science nerD if there ever was one
  • wizards and muggles club because he is a harry potter fanatic in this au deal
  • so basically guk wants to major in astronomy because as a kid he was like in love with harry potter and like wanted to go to hogwarts
  • but like obviously in his school there was no defense of dark arts or charms because like it is fictional
  • but seven year old guk will not give up so his mom finds out that astronomy is a class in harry potter so like she tells him
  • and he gets so eXCITED?? like yes he will become the bEST WIZARD YES.
  • him and his mom go to the library and they get like two kid astronomy books and his dad digs up an old telescope they had as a gift from some uncle years ago.
  • and that night, the whole jeon family sets it up, the books open and an extremely excited little jeongguk and just
  • the second he looks at the pretty night sky through the telescope he loves it, being able to see something so far away so close and just knowing that something existed out there above him
  • and that is when jeon jeongguk falls in love with the stars
  • so he becomes the nerdy science kid throughout his middle and primary school career, hurrying home every day to set up his telescope and star watch his nights away.
  • fast forward to high school, and he realises he cant get into his dream college to study the stars if he just doesn’t participate in anything
  • so sporty jeongguk is birthed.
  • or well not really to be honest
  • well he tried like everything 
  • like he did football, but he got hit by the ball once in the butt and gave up
  • or when he did basketball and the ball misdirected and hit the teacher in the head
  • so his last choice in clubs was dance
  • now see at this point guk was a weird kid with an obsession with the stars so he had only one friend kim taehyung, the kid who claimed he was an alien and liked to wear all sorts of clothes
  • so he tries it out and he meets his friend park jimin through it 
  • and jimin slowly leads him through it and guk catches on quick and soon he is able to rise up the ranks in club until like him and jimin are the same level.
  • so he had dance classes with jimin every day for an hour, in return for coaching the boy in science which was okay with guk i mean more time to ramble on about science i guess
  • but like he still sets up all his telescope in the night on his roof and watches and like wonders how life will be when he gets into his dream college and studies his life subject.
  • has like miLLIons of astronomy and physics books in his room like there is a shelf of them and he has read all of them
  • has pictures of the stars stuck around his room which he took
  • along with the occasion g dragon pic because guk is crazy for that guy lmAO.
  • so like through all their time together jimin, tae and guk become like an inseparable trio and soon enough the shy gukie meets the group of boys older than him who his best friends are friends with aka 
  • and like honestly at first he is just like who are you old people ??
  • but then like one bad dad joke [courtesy of seokjin] later he is comfortable and he begins to hang out with them
  • becomes more social eventually but is sTill a shy calm child
  • but like remember when i told that gukie really loved harry potter??
  • well he still does lmao 
  • like he loves it a lot and he is signed up on all of pottermore and what not.
  • like he joined book club for it but then got out the second they began to read some fantasy book and it didn’t have hp or science in it because priorities yo
  • but like there is this super nerdy club at his school dedicated to harry potter called wizards and muggles and he rEALLY WANTS to join it
  • now that he is friends with so many more popular people, he suddenly feels ashamed of being so nerdy within them so he like watches as a few people join the group and like stays back on the days of the clubs but can’t muster up enough courage to actually gET HIS ASS IN THERE.
  • but like one day he is just like y’know what fuck this i am just going to do it, plus no one is ever around here anyways.
  • so he comes in one day and everybody in the club is like tf? but then they are like well whatever shit welcome jeongguk
  • and he likes really loves it 
  • he likes how everybody can just be themselves in their little sessions reading and talking about the books and like sorting each other into houses
  • like they even get house points and he just really loves it
  • once they even played quidditch in the classroom for the club and just he really really loved it
  • and there is his favourite person in the club, you
  • because you are like the nerdy geek of the school, your hair always up in a pony tail or a bun and you always have books in your hand
  • personally he really likes how confident you are in your personality
  • because he himself cant allow to be seen as a geek not because he is scared of the boys who know but because of being judged like he had seen others get.
  • he has seen you get bullied and you throwing comebacks before picking up your things and leaving, not an inch of shame in your confidence and somedays he feels so inspired.
  • and in the club you are always so competitive and fun to be around that after a particularly competitive “quidditch” match
  • which was really throwing paper balls around and if it landed in either of the dustbins a goal
  • he talks to you properly and you just like smile and he can literally feel the crush he had always had on you grow because holy shIT that is a pretty smile and he caused it
  • so like you both meet up after school and slowly he becomes really good friends with you and eventually tae befriends you too and you become a part of the trio soon to be quadrant as jimin is like “yo hey tae really likes ur glasses and i want to see if ur blinder than him” and that is how you become friends with them
  • but guk is like increasingly crushing on you 
  • and like jimin and tae notice and just egging him on tbh 24/7 to just “go for it dude”
  • like he is so scared because what iF HE RUINS YOUR FRIENDSHIP 
  • and he tries to repress his feelings but like you smile at him
  • and boom he is goo again
  • you and him can also talk about science and since none of his other friends can really do that 
  • i mean namjoon can but like he mutters too much philosophy and guk gets bored
  • but like you
  • you understand his fascination with the stars as you have a fascination with the ocean and just 
  • he really loves it when you talk to him about it 
  • so like one day when u come to his house he takes you up to his roof and he shows you his old af telescope and just for the first time, he shows someone his own personal spot, his hideaway among the stars
  • and he literally combusts when you are bathed in the moonlight and your eyes are glued through the telescope as your lips open in a gasp at the beauty of the stars he was showing you
  • and when you like pull away from the telescope and just mutter out a “thank you so much for showing me the stars jeongguk”
  • suddenly he cant control himself from gently pulling you into a kiss and just ahh
  • like his lips are soft and he holds you so gently as if you are one of his beloved stars and just
  • and when both of you pull away he just goes red and sputters out like ten different apologies until he is cut off by your lips on his again and he like melts into you
  • you both kiss like two more times until both of you are flushed and he is bright red and just you both confess and just pure love okay
  • and he asks if he could be you boyfriend but it sounds more like
  • “b-b-boyfr-riend me?”
  • you are just like what a cutie sure yo
  • he just like squeals and almost falls off the roof and both of you just laugh your asses off after that
  • like next day he walks u to school as usual because your houses are quite near but he intertwines his hands with yours and you blush like 100 shades of red
  • and just you guys walk in and the whole sCHOOL FUCKING ERUPTS
  • like seriously
  • but it is so pure because he holds your hands under the tables 
  • and texts you memes at three in the night
  • and buys you things in canteen
  • and has study sessions with you all the time

Hope you guys liked it~~

Dean Winchester X Male!Reader - soundproofing. pt 2

part 1 

Dean Winchester X Male!Werewolf!Reader
warnings: sexual themes [smut thing], language, mpreg themes yo
he/him pronouns used for reader
i don’t put [male name] mainly because my name is gender neutral, so i just put [name]
*reader probably in mid-to-late twenties
**note this isn’t really set during a specific season/episode/ yada-yada

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anonymous asked:

Hi Hazel! So I've only recently started follow hockey/the Pens, and that q about the "dark years" and the players' revolt interested me, and I was wondering if you knew more about it / knew somewhere I could find out more about it?

Hi! I wasn’t around yet when this happened, but as far as I understand it, the initial report was A Big Deal™ and DK, who wrote it, took a lot of flak for it. He never backed down on it though, even when Shero denied it happened, and players like Orpik (lmao) and Craig Adams denied it happend. My guess is that it probably did, and even just as recently as September of 2016, Yohe reiterated the story (in a feature about Geno).

If you want to read more about it here is the column that started it all: Crosby Deserves Better

Here’s another article providing some context for how big a deal this column was, and here’s a third one about the Pens denying the report and wearing a C on their jersey in support.

• I could write about this every week but it’s worth mentioning. The time and effort Crosby puts in to reach out to children — especially those who are dealing with health ailments — is pretty special.

In almost every road city, there is a sick child who wishes to meet hockey’s greatest player. Crosby never, ever fails to accommodate them. I saw it in Montreal following Wednesday’s game. Crosby almost always speaks with reporters following games, but given that he didn’t have much of an impact in this game, he bowed out. So, did he hit the showers early? Did he get an early start to a fun night in Montreal?

Nah. He was talking, at length, with a boy in his wheelchair and the boy’s family. He had already presented them with gifts from the team. Long after the locker room had cleared out, he was still talking with the boy and his family. I see it in every city and it never gets old. The best hockey player in the world is an even better human being. In this age where athletes sometimes act in peculiar ways and have a horrible habit of drawing attention to themselves, Crosby quietly goes about his business of treating people well without demanding any fanfare.

—  Josh Yohe