cold coffee
cigarette butts
crumpled sheets
unfinished story
unwanted poetry
smudged lipstick
used handkerchief
thrown love letter
am i any better?

but you came
and picked
my all up

no matter how
how filthy
i felt

you touched
your fingers
and nose
and lips with

you said
“never give up, love
i won’t leave”

and I
breathed new life

come have coffee with me
when the sun starts to shine
when black is not a color
but everything that’s inside

let the rays bathe you
and the light fill your lungs
let the moon collapse
in your lap and be warmed

sip coffee with me as we
turn a new page of the book
that we’ve been writing
since the day that we moved

our hearts together
and grew as one—

coffees and sunshine
books, your smile
your touch
your laughter
your love

these are the things
the blue sky
in my heart

middle of the night
you are here by my side
you moved closer to me
til i can hear you breathe

your hands are warm
as they slide in my skin
your heart beats calm
but my fire burns within

and you held my hand
fingers twined
i never thought love is
sweeter and more sublime

when you let hearts speak
in warm silence
with breathing and feeling
and holding us tight

and the smell of your skin
makes my head spin
the warmth of your lips
is all that i need—

i feel a feeling
i thought
never exists

love is really

love is holding you
like this