yogurt water


- Always keep sweats, comfy shoes, makeup wipes, condoms, gum, a phone charger, a hair brush, and taxi fare in your purse/car.

- Wipe front to back

- Don’t use body washes or scrubs when cleaning your downstairs area. A little water goes a long way. Make sure to wash all around the vulva and gently get around your clitoris. USING YOUR FINGERS TO WASH IS BEST. Your vagina and vulva have natural bacteria and oils that are disrupted if you use soaps and sprays/ if you wash too harshly or excessively. They are delicate little things.


- DO NOT USE DOUCHES ever ever ever!!!

- Always pee after sex to prevent UTIs

- Coconut oil can be used for just about anything: shaving cream, moisturizer, lip balm, deep conditioner, cooking, insect repellent, makeup remover.. the list goes on. Get unrefined virgin coconut oil and you’ll smell and feel great. A little goes a long way so don’t over do it.

- EXFOLIATE at least once a week. You can buy an exfoliator at any drug store but I like to make my own but DO NOT use on your lady bits.

***1/2c coffee grinds, 2-3tbsp coconut oil, sea salt

***1 1/4c white sugar, 1/2c olive oil, 3tbsp lemon juice (good for legs, DON’T USE ON FACE OR VAGINA)

- DON’T EVER use sugar on, in, or around your vagina and try to avoid using brown sugar or hard scrubs on your face

- You can experiment a lot with your bath water and different things you can put in it. I just found some really great recipes for detox baths:

***1c ground up oatmeal, 1c epsom salts, 2tbsp lavender buds.. Mix all the ingredients and add 2-3 spoonfuls to your bath water

***1c epsom salts, ½ baking soda, 10 drops of essential oils

***1-2c milk, ½ pure honey

***Add 6-10 green tea bags to your bath water

- Essential oils in a bath are great…. Just some examples and benefits: Lavender is calming, Grapefruit is energizing, Peppermint helps with fatigue, Chamomile and Rosemary help with headaches and are also calming.

- YONI OIL by Goddess Body is amazing. It helps restore the balance of your yoni aka vagina and it is also antibacterial!!! Be careful if you’re buying from a different brand because different brands have different mixtures and some aren’t very good for you.

- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Oils and oil based products break down the material in condoms which causes breaks or tears!!!!! If you plan on gettin some please do not put oils around your vagina for your own safety!!!!!!

- Face masks are great for skin health and relaxation. Some of my favourite recipes are:

***1 banana and 1tbsp honey

***Plain yogurt

***1tbsp honey and 1/2tsp each of cinnamon and nutmeg (doubles as a sweetener for Chai tea)

- Shave downward or diagonally when shaving your bikini line. USE MENS’ RAZORS. Pat dry with a cold face cloth immediately after shaving to close pores and use a non-scented lotion to prevent irritation and razor bumps.

- If you have crusty ass feet exfoliate them in the bath, pat dry then use Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream and put on socks right after. If they’re really bad, put this cream on before bed and sleep with socks on. This is especially good during cold weather.

- Make sure to moisturize every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- When washing your hair; shampoo your roots and condition your tips.

- Don’t go to bed with you hair wet. Rub coconut oil into your scalp and brush it out before bed, wash in the morning.

- Massage your scalp with aloe vera for at least 30 seconds before you go to bed/ before you wash your hair to promote hair growth. 

- The more you touch and pick at acne the more oily your face will get.

- Dilute 1tsp of apple cider vinegar in 1c of water for a natural facial toner.

- Try to reduce your sugar intake to prevent acne and yeast infections.

- Cranberry juice works better than pineapple juice. Drink lots of this and AT LEAST 2L of water a day to keep your body healthy.

- Green/ Black tea, fruits, veggies, yogurt, and WATER all support good vaginal health and just overall body health.

- KALE IS A GOD SEND. It tastes better than spinach and you can put it in a smoothie, mix it in with your salad, bake and season it for kale chips, or just eat it as is. It’s extremely high in iron which is good if you’re anemic and get light-headed/dizzy during your time of the month. 

- Eating healthy promotes good mental health as well as physical health so keep your brain healthy too!!

If you’re needing a day to yourself, run a bath and add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. Get a face cloth and wash yourself all over just with the bath water, especially your bizness. Apple Cider vinegar helps to restore your pH balance to keep you fresh and clean. Shave with coconut oil, exfoliate, then shave again to get all the dead skin off your legs. Scrub the dead skin off your feet and knees and elbows. Empty and rinse the tub and fill it back up with some oils or bath mixes of your choosing. Make yourself a tea or have some water near the tub. Put on a face mask and play some music or read a book or watch a show on Netflix and relax until the water is warm. Drain the water and rinse off quickly with cool water to get all the toxins and oils off your body. As soon as you get out, pat dry and lotion yourself, put on socks or slippers to keep your feet clean and then get into comfy clothes. Wear cotton underwear if you have them because they help get air to your bizzness. 

life tips ??

1. coat your feet in coconut oil or cocoa butter and put your socks on while you sleep. Your feet will be sooooo smooth the next morning

2. shave your legs w a men’s razor because they have more blades so you will get a closer shave

3. after shaving lather up in coconut oil (this shit is even safe for yo vagina) 10/10 would recommend

4. whitening strips and treatments are hella expensive, diy version of this is brushing w baking soda and lemon juice (it doesn’t taste that bad)

5. peppermint tea helps sooo much with bloating (and tastes bomb with some honey)

6. adding ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath helps to balance your bodies ph and is really good for vaginal health

7. coffee grounds + coconut oil makes a great exfoliater

8. put vaseline and/or coconut oil on your eyebrows before you go to bed makes them so easy to style if you’re about that bomb eyebrow lifestyle

9. drinking water is the #1 best thing for you; it clears skin, boosts metabolism, and is overall really healthy for your body (esp in the summer)

10. coconut oil is really good for your hair but it can make yo roots greasy, a little bit on the ends goes a long way

11. cranberry juice, yogurt, and water works wayy better than pineapple, but fruit in general will improve yo smell/taste down there

12. if you have a car, keep a change of clothes, chapstick, gum, condoms, makeup wipes, wispies (portable toothbrushes !!!), and some spare change

13. after shaving yo vagina ( if you choose to do so) use coconut oil to avoid irritation/itchiness

14. moisturize yo booty and boobs extra bc the only thing better boobs + booty is super smooth boobs + booty

15. tea tree oil can be super helpful for pimples plus it smells super good

16. if your inner thighs chafe in the summer, put deodorant there it helps so much

17. pee after sex/masturbation ( super important to avoid UTIs)

18. getting yo eyebrows threaded is so worth it

19. treat yo self

dreamsofthestars  asked:

Hey Wil. I suffer with anxiety and was just wondering if there was anything you liked to do or drink or whatever that calms you down that I could try? I have a weird as crap friend who suggested yogurt tea (yogurt mixed with hot water) so literally any suggestion would be appreciated. Much love.

I do a lot of meditation and relaxation breathing. I also take meds from my doctor for my depression, which helps the anxiety. I drink a ton of chammomile and other calming teas (my favorites are Cup of Calm, and this Kava anti-stress thing, and also something that’s just called Bedtime).

I’ve never heard of the yogurt thing. I hope this helps.

There is nothing i look more forward to than the day we are called to an appointment to see the face of Allah (swt). The second thing i look forward to in Jannah is sitting on our thrones looking at the pleasant view from the windows of Jannah eating and drinking from glasses of yogurt, honey and water onlooking those who are in Jahannam who for so long relentlessly tortured, mocked and killed us.


Day 5/100 days of clean eating. I had an interview this morning so had granola and milk for breakfast. When I got out of the interview I had apple and peanut butter as a snack. Then for dinner I had three healthy quesadillas as pictured above with chicken, cheese and lettuce, and then a fruit salad for dessert.
No exercise today due to lack of sleep so back on it tomorrow.
How did you find day 5?

Healthy Summer Hacks

1.) Wake up early. Don’t sleep your summer away! Get out of bed and get things done. Don’t stay up until 3 AM, that is not living your summer to the fullest. Get up and workout in the morning and you will feel so accomplished.
2.) Treat yourself to ice cream once a week or once every two weeks. Eat clean the rest of the time and you will enjoy it much more than binging on snacks all the time!
3.) You already have a summer body, trust me. Losing an extra 10 pounds won’t make you any happier. Just strive to improve your health, both mental and physical, and everything will fall into place.
4.) If you take naps, stop. Just start going to sleep earlier.
5.) Stop hitting the snooze alarm!! Seriously. This just makes you more tired. It convinces your body that it’s going back into sleep mode, when it’s really not.
6.) HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!! Download a water tracking app to make sure you’re staying hydrated! Add berries or lemons to your water to detox and to spruce it up a little.
7.) Have your coffee in the morning, but stop adding sugar and sweeteners to it. If you don’t like your coffee with just a little almond or soy milk in it, then you should probably stop drinking it because whatever other things you’re adding to it is not healthy! Also, make sure you drink WATER before having your coffee. Lastly, try not to have coffee when you first wake up. Your body produces natural caffeine and having caffeine whenever you first wake up will cause your body to stop releasing that natural caffeine. Give yourself a couple hours before you brew.
8.) Workout or do yoga in the A.M. You will feel so much better and this won’t give you an excuse to skip your workout later in the day!
9.) Try to stay off of all electronics for an hour before bed. Reading also makes you tired! My favorite thing recently is sleepytime tea. This really relaxes me at night and helps me sleep better.
10.) Make sure whatever peanut butter you’re buying, (because we all love peanut butter), doesn’t contain palm oil. Actually, stop buying anything that contains palm oil. It’s so bad for you! Make sure your nut butters ONLY contain nuts, and a little bit of salt is okay. Otherwise, any other ingredients is probably a no go.

Enjoy your summer. Make plans. Go for a run. Cook yummy healthy food. Always try new recipes. Meditate. Breathe.

I love all of you and hope you’re having a wonderful summer 🍉🍉🍉

Bonus: here’s my own personal recipe for my favorite summer green smoothie that I have been loving!

1 cup of pineapple or mango chunks
1 banana
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional)
¼ cup of non fat plain Greek yogurt or dairy free yogurt (also optional)
3-4 handfuls of spinach
1 cup of water
*the yogurt and protein powder make it more nourishing and smoother tasting in my opinion.

Ramadan Tips for a Healthy Body
  • Understanding some basic nutrition science can help you stay healthy this Ramadan. Your body gets its energy (glucose) from food, and for 2-4 hours after you eat your energy will come from that food (after that your liver will release glucose to be turned into energy). Try to eat foods like potatoes, beans, vegetables, and grains at suhoor (breakfast); these foods are called complex carbohydrates and because they are ‘complex’ the body takes a longer time to turn them into glucose (energy) - giving you a long lasting source of energy.
  • Dates, and other fruits, are simple carbs meaning they’re digested quickly and are good for quick jolts of energy. Don’t eat them at suhoor, they’ll end up making you thirsty throughout the day, save them for when you break your fast to quickly recharge your system.
  • Invest in a once a day multivitamin that you can take at suhoor.  Your body will be in famine for extended periods of time, and chances are you aren’t getting enough nutrition while you’re able to eat. A multivitamin can help make sure you fill in those gaps that your dinner isn’t covering.
  • Drink some water every hour you’re able to eat and drink. After that first gulp of water in the evening it’s easy to forget that you were dehydrated all day.
  • Exercise after iftar (dinnner); exercising while fasting will only make you more dehydrated and more fatigued. Your muscles can store glucose (energy) that they can use during exercise, but you’ll see the consequences, of exercising while fasting, when you’re not able to lift as much weight or run as far as you’d expect. You’re also more prone to cramping and injury while you’re fasting, so wait until after dinner to exercise if you can.
  • I know that halfway through the month it becomes harder to eat suhoor as you become more and more tired. My suhoor of choice, once it comes to that, is a protein lassi, which hydrates me and keeps me full the majority of the day. I mix water, greek yogurt, a scoop of protein powder, mango nectar, and a sprinkle of cardamom powder the night before, and once it’s time for breakfast I wake up drink the smoothie, pray, and then go back to bed.

Stay Healthy this Ramadan! Remember that you can’t fast anyway if you get sick or injured, so do your best to prevent it! 

Ramadan Mubarak! Happy Ramadan!

3 Essential Tips for Studying

1. Time. Be ready to give some hours and completely dedicate your effort for that time. Studying doesn’t happen in 10 mins. You study when you read the chapter, take notes, ’re-read your notes and rereading the chapter. This is truly studying, and it takes time so prepare for that.

2. Food. To give hours of your time to study, you need to keep your body healthy too, and keep adding fuel to keep you going. This is essential because it encourages you. Keep small healthy food on your desk such as nuts, water, fruit, yogurt, coffee, tea, granola bars, low calorie foods such as carrots, cleary, or maybe a sandwich if your spending a lot of time at your desk.

3. Repetition. Keep reviewing every day, or every couple of days. This can be quick, with the essential topics and things to remember, (maybe written on index cards). Take the information and make convert it in several times in many ways such as index cards, study guides, quick notes, messy notes into decorative pretty notes, annotated notes, etc. This is a well rounded way to study so you are always active and not bored with the information so you’ll trick your brain to pay more attention!


This is for like if you have an actual final destination btw like obviously depending on the length of the trip you’ll have some stops but like this is for ones that like you’re gonna actually stop somewhere eventually




•MONEY (gas, food, ect.)

•SNACKS/FOOD- you may think, “oh I’ll mostly want junk food” but coming from experience, even if you usually hate healthy food, oatmeal with fruit and nuts at 6:30am is gonna taste like the best thing you’ve ever eaten in your life.
So pack healthy snacks as well.
Suggestions for snacks are:
– fruit - Bananas oranges and apples are good as you can usually throw the peels and stuff out the window as long as the backseat has their windows up, blueberries and strawberries ect are good in containers, but try and keep them in a cooler or something
– chips - let’s face it. Chips are awesome. You can try dip too but it can get messy if you aren’t careful. If you’re using a rental car I’d say don’t risk it.
– some sort of actual meal - oatmeal, salads, sandwiches. All good ideas. For trips that are longer than a day I suggest stopping at fast food places as well (oddly enough McDonald’s has some pretty decent breakfast stuff, even if you’re vegetarian like me [bagels, oatmeal, yogurt])
– drinks - water. LOTS of water. Buy a few 1L bottles from Walmart. Tea is good to have for mornings, if you can make it before you go or to buy from somewhere. Juice and pop I wouldn’t recommend, they don’t keep you hydrated and there isn’t enough caffeine in them to really wake you up in any significant way. Coffee is always good for mornings and nights, stock up (but be safe obviously)

•MUSIC - add lots to spotify, go on an iTunes binge, bring every cd you own, and DONT FORGET THE FUCKING CORD!!!

• TISSUES - you may not see the need, but trust me. People sneeze randomly, people spill things and need napkins, ect. Even just one of those tiny .50c packs.

• HAIR TIES - if you have long hair, you’ll want a hair tie eventually. Trust me.

• ENTERTAINMENT - some of those car board games, mash, madlibs, ect.

• CAMERA - your inner hipster is gonna come out and you’ll wanna take a picture of the mountains or the trees or something, so make sure you at least have a phone camera ready cause those picture perfect moments only last about 10 seconds


•TAKE BREAKS - either at hotels, gas stations, little stores, or even just on the side of the road for a bit, get out of the car and walk around a little (yes even if it’s cold just do it for like 5 minutes and go hide in the car again)

• DRINK LOTS OF WATER - make sure you have lots of water and whenever you can refill your water bottles cause road trips and travelling can take a lot out of a person

• SLEEP - if it’s 4am and you just got on the road (and you’re NOT driving) and you’re trying to fight sleep JUST GO TO SLEEP. Fuck it could be 7pm but if you’re tired, you’re tired. HAVE A NAP.

• EAT - even if it’s a short trip and you’re the only one driving try and make sure you eat, either when you stop or if it’s safe enough while driving


And final word of advice: DONT LOOK AT YOUR PHONE OR BE READING OR WHATEVER ON TWISTY ROADS. Even if you don’t normally feel sick, you will if you try and read on a twisty windy road.

How to make living "graffiti" with moss

I’m going to have to find a wall somewhere to try this.  It’s wonderfully cool.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 or 2 cups  of moss
  • 2 cups of buttermilk or plain yogurt
  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ tsp. sugar
  • Corn syrup
Step 1 - rinse as much of the dirt from the roots of the moss as you can.

Step 2 - Break up the moss and place it in a blender

Step 3 - Add buttermilk or yogurt, water, sugar, and corn syrup and blend.

Step 4 - Paint the blended mixture on your desired surface

Step 5 - Check back weekly and water your moss creation lightly with a spray bottle if dry.

Step 6 - Once your moss has grown, give your creation of hair cut to clean up the edges.

Now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your green graffiti creation.  

Got Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux Smoothie Recipe

  • 1 ½ cup fresh pineapple
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup greek yogurt
  • ½ cup water or coconut water
  • Blend and enjoy the goodness!

Also, I have found Aloe Juice to be very successful in treating acid reflux. Aloe Vera stimulates the immune system and heals inflammation in the body. Aloe is also good for treating Peptic Ulcers, Diabetes, and Irritable Bowl Syndrome. We use George’s Aloe at home. Take 1oz as needed. Aloe is also a mild laxative and good to take when constipated. 

Audrey Hepburn’s Skincare and Makeup Tips:

Use Moisturiser, Water and Yogurt:

“I use a lot of moisturisers and oils because I have rather a dry skin. But my beauty secrets are really just common sense. Pure water is one of the best things for your skin. I also leave yogurt on my face for about 30 minutes, before I wash it off.”

Soap and Water:

“I’ve always been a soap-and-water girl. It’s part of being an (Erno) Laszlo girl, which I have been for years. Working in the theatre, I’ve seen what not removing makeup well can really do to the skin, so I’m very careful about that. I do believe that good health is the key to good skin; if your skin isn’t good, it’s a signal that something is wrong.”


“I went through years of heavy film makeup before I met Dr. Erno Laszlo, who taught me a lot. Did you know, for instance, that all that makeup can be nourishing and protective? And I get lots of fresh air and sleep; not too much sun.”

“I never use much makeup. Only on my eyes, and I do them more or less as I always have… black liner and mascara, dark-brown eyebrow pencil. I use a brownish shadow in the crease of the eyelid and leave the lid itself natural… also the bony part below the eyebrow; sometimes, at night, I put a little opalescent highlight there… I’ve tried all the pretty greens and purples but they didn’t suit me. And I use a very, very pale lipstick. No base… no foundation. It isn’t a question of wanting to look the same; I prefer an un-made look simply because it’s better for me.”

“For myself, I never put on makeup base, never powder. I just makeup my eyes, and then in the winter, if I’m feeling a bit green, I’ll use a little rouge. That’s it.”

I messed up...

I had an amazing start. I slept in today because I don’t get too during the weekdays do to working my main job. I ate my yogurt and had my water. I had Chik Fil A on my lunch and had plans on working out and finishing my day with a salad.

Due to some issues at work, I won’t bore anybody with it. I’ve been borderline wanting to cry because I’m so frustrated.

I was so excited about starting off right this month. But I’m trying to tell myself there are 29 more days and I can even count May 1. Just very emotional today. I thought about going to bed early, but I just really wanted to enjoy my Saturday.

I guess I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll be waking up to workout like I use too. Hopefully, that’ll relieve some stress. I can’t wait until my vacation in two weeks for my birthday.

Sorry for the long post. I just feel I can share more on this page now. You all have been pretty supportive! I appreciate it so much.